Welcome, seeker of lore, to the Iuchi Temple. Forgive the nondescript appearance, but I'm someone very unknowing about the finer details of web page construction.

This site is dedicated to my fanfictions for the duelling games Street Fighter and King of Fighters. Thus far, I've managed a couple of pieces...

Sorrow's Forge This was my very first piece, taking place directly after Real Bout (and I mean directly after--almost as soon as the tournament ended!). It depicts Andy and Mai (the first romantic couple I found out about in duelling games, which explains my fascination with these two) finding themselves forced to do battle with Geese's newest ally--an old enemy of theirs with powers that will be familiar to certain of you...{note: has a 40K MIDI background}

Dark Crescendo, Chapter One After abortive attempts on various topics that came to mind, I finally settled on a piece connected with KOF '97. The remaining Heavenly Kings have practically been handed on a platinum platter an opportunity to resummon Orochi immediately, and heroes from the KOF universe--as well as two from SF and some characters of my own design--find themselves battling for humanity's survival. {note: has a 74K MIDI background}
Chapter Two{note: has a 79K MIDI background}

Chapter Three{note: has a 68K MIDI background}

No doubt some of you are going to want to see histories of my new characters, so I have up a (not quite complete) profiles page for them. Also, my KOF/SF stories are meant to tie in to Shinsei's (kofvssf@hotmail.com) own KOF/SF crossover (which I've been heavily contributing ideas for), so you may want to take a look at said fanfiction.

[January 19, 2001: Expanded Chapter Three (specifically, the scene on the Hallstavik gunship), and updated all the MIDI files (their fadeouts work now). Also, those of you trying to find Shinsei's work might not find it. The page is down for some reason (the directory and the chapters still exist; the access page doesn't), probably updating.] [October 17, 2000: Tweaked Chapter Three a tiny bit, and added MIDI files to the first two chapters.] [August 9, 2000: Edited both chapters already up of Dark Crescendo, and added the third chapter (which may well be edited in the VERY near future), with its own MIDI file attached. Yes, it's another shmup theme.] [July 10, 2000: Edited Sorrow's Forge, and added a MIDI file for background. Just don't think I'm crazy because I used a shmup theme for a duelling game fanfiction...even though I'm planning that sort of thing for all my pieces. ^^]

Should you have any suggestions/comments/critiques/etc. (NOT flames, though), please mail me at cross_sinker@my-deja.com.

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