Aloysius Cheang's humble piece of sh*t that he calls a "Home Page"
I really have not sort out my page yet, but I intend to have the following structure (though I suspect that I will be very slow in making this page nice-nice ;-P):

About myself
Professional description
Aloysius is a computer scientist engaging in computer security research with one of the topmost R&D institution in Singapore. He is often recognized as an Infosec evangelist in the island nation. Aloysius is a founding member of SIG^2 ( and has been her president for the past 2 years. He also served on board as a founding member in the National BCP/DR, National Network Security Standards and Security Assurance working groups. Aloysius also advises various education institute, that deliver security courses. In the course of his undertakings, he is featured regularly in the media and spoke frequently at various local and international IT security conferences, seminars and workshops.

Aloysius specializes in security of pervasive computing, in particularly, mobile security and mobile commerce security. He also have extensive experience in business continuity and incident handling as well as critical infrastructure protection.

Aloysius holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore. He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and is one of the pioneer Sairs GNU Linux Certified Professional (LCP). He also held a SANS GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) certification since 2000.

My Curriculum Vitae - for authorized retinas only.

While I am not working...
I love to laze around my computers and computing appliance at home, exploring new technologies, games etc. My favourite reading (besides IT and security stuff) are Fantasy, Tolkien type of novels, crime and archaelogical/history books as well as Japanese mangas. I also enjoy watching DVDs with my wife and listening to soft music.
But I do love the outdoors. In fact, I was part of the under-16 National swimming team, a lousy badminton player but nonetheless a school team player, a 3rd choice reserve goalkeeper with Combined School "D" division soccer team and the team captain of my faculty soccer team in my U days. I was an extreme biker, having cycled in Malaysia and Indonesia, and enjoy sea kayaking. Many do not know this, but I am also well trained in Martial Arts since I was 6 (my broken nose bridge and chipped front teeth are my constant reminders not to get into any fights).
AND...I love to travel. Every trip is a mind-boggling experience. I would have considered being a pilot if not that I am shorted sighted. But I never contemplate to be a air steward because I was convinced that airlines cannot do without air stewardess, but not air stewards. Why? Check out all SIA advertisements on TV. Since when u saw an air steward being featured? Not to mentioned that there is a stigma of being labeled an "ah-gua".

My significant other
This section is dedicated to my wife...I think I let her fill this up herself.

Our photos
Lovely pictures taken together with my wife. Currently I host them at my site, but I am still fiddling with the access controls...