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Chibi Usa

This is my magical kitty Diana.


Sailor Chibi Moon

HI!!! My name is Usagi Tsukino, but everyone calls me Chibi-Usa. In America, my name is Serena, but everyone calls me Reeny. Now if thats not confusing enough, my mom has the same name as me. I was born in Crystal Tokyo; my mom is Neo Queen Serenity and my dad is King Endymion, so that makes me a princess. Although I look only 8 years old, I'm really 900 years old. Thats why when I traveled back into the past to find the Empyrium Silver Crystal that would save my mommy's life, I didn't make many friends. The kids at my school just made fun of me because of my hair and they tried to take my Luna-P Ball. Once, there was a big thunder storm and I was so scared and lonely that I tried using my magic key that Puu gave me to get home but all it did was make gravity disapear. But Tuxedo Mask saved me and later I sang him a song I made up and we saw a rainbow. I love Tuxedo Mask....He is sooo nice to me. But guess what.... he's my future daddy.

Chibi Usa /(@)_(@)\ Super Sailor Chibi Moon with Diana on her head.

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