New stuff and Feedback

22/7/99 oh? why am i updating this so early? the forms on this page were screwed up for a while there. im apologising for that even though it wasnt my goddamn fault.......! anyway theyre fixed now somehow.....

7/7/99 EEEEEEEEH! I,ve stopped drinkning and burrning stufff long enough just so i can come see all you freaks who love me so much im sure!. heheh! Oh yeah theres a new thing up. Its mitsukakes garden/fashion tip page. HAH! You can email him about herby and interesting mitsukake stuff like that...hes really good! heheeeheeeee
Chirikos page has been updated, and also the poll...heheheh.... Yep, I'm gonna probably put up the translation of that heh thing......i just have to think about it a bit more.... such a good bull$hitter.......

11/1/99 Happy New Year! and all that...stuff. Not that anybody bothers to read this. It's another year and we haven't done shi anything, heh heh. Well, I updated the poll results for all those impatient people. I know it's been something like 6 maybe 7 months since it's been updated, but we've been, well, preoccupied. Also, you can write messages to Chiriko from his page and he is working on another question which should be up pretty soon. That's that for now, but be sure to check here for updates, if you could be bothered. Oh yeah, to that person who wanted some fanfics. There is one on our page, in the heh. It's in Japanese though so we'll put the english version up soon.

11/4/98 Nuriko has finished writing some of the character profiles and they're posted. We've put some more pictures around and plan on getting more. ?/2/98 Riko-chan is writing his own character profiles right now. When we're gonna post 'em I really don't know. This year we're gonna do good stuff to this page since it's so messy at the moment. We'll think about doing our own episode summaries and we nearly have access to a scanner. Hooray! Then we can show you all the stuff we have. We've also done some of our own fanart(If you can call it that) which we're sure you'll enjoy. That is all.

31/12/97 I guess we'd better start putting dates on these huh?
Well we tidied up the lyrics page.
And now you can email either of us, since Riko-chan complains about getting no mail. Riko-chan is also planning a character page.
Gen-chan is thinking about updating the links and lyrics pages.
By the way, it is also handy if you Reload every now and then, because....errr....yeah, you know what I mean.
Oh yeah, there's an interesting thing here.

the/first/one This is new!
Heh, well, in this part we put stuff that happens or will happen!
Anyway, the poll results show that noone that has been here likes Chiriko very much.
So, we are going to put up a little page for Chiriko so that he will be happy.

That's if we get around to doing that. Now onto the important stuff!

There are alot of people that come here. Good for you!
Or should we say, good for us!

Someone wrote and asked for summaries for Manga and Anime episodes.
We really don't know if we could be bothered doing that, and besides, our summaries of episodes may be slightly twisted......
Anyway, we suggest that you go to Tasuki no Mikos shrine for manga translations, and the little tree elfy people thingy place for anime summaries.

Uummm....oh yeah! We would like to thank Ryuuen no miko for giving us that cool picture. Go to her Nuriko shrine. It is good.

That is all