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Welcome to Chirikos Millenium Insight. This is a part of our page on which we let Chiriko write stuff. Because of all this freakin' millenium hype we decided to make chiriko use his brain to the fullest and give the people a nice little chiriko prophecy thingy.

-here we go,,we may seem perfect but really there area lot of problems and this could be a good or bad quality. Our world leaders will seem friendly and direct with everyone but really they are dumb and uneasy. They will be taking advantage of other people manipulating and thinking they are divine. All the followers are too naive and trusting in everything that the media say. so we find any motives made by the leaders difficult to comprehend. Really we know nothing about the world. The nasty leader has no aggression but plenty of strength. When they are made angry they will become a shark in shallow water. Their strength will put them into deeper water so they can move in for the kill. If their oppponent refuses to back down they will fight. This willl become a tricky situation. The only way to stop the nasty leader is to find them a love interest. HAHAHAHA!!! Young astrologists will be able to predict human relatonships perfectly. Working hours will increase and this is because of human natural intellegence and curiosity. Money shall become scarce. material posessions will not be as important. Music will be the main form of fun. There will be a refuged ship wrecked sailor. This man will become a hero and a divine child of the world. He will be a symbol of new life and bring hope to all. Anyone who is telepathic may seem threatened because they know what is going to happen in society. Do not run. Tell all what you have found after all people have to understand the real world. Independence may be lost morals and ethics will be handed out in booklets, there will be no living through the heart.

Transcribed into readable english by Gen-chan

Chirikos saying of the week(month..year....century..) millenium:
It's budget!

The answer to the last question was of course "Gutentag, ich hab keine Angst fur Hunde." or some close variation. Here are some very good people who have answered the last question correctly.:

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