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This page is all about a manga series called Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.In English, Sailor Moon.The author of this manga is Naoko Takeuchi.

In this page you will find sounds, pictures, downloads made just for borrowing.Also you will find my Update Page to see whats new in my page.

To make the story stort this how Usagi/Serena became Sailor Moon...Usagi was always late for school, she loved to sleep,and she loved junk food.One day she met a talking black cat with a moon on it's head named Luna.Luna helped Usagi turn into Sailor Moon.After that Sailor Moon fought evil.

End of story!

This page is made for Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi.AVIs, MIDIs, My ring page, and many more things.To see what I add each time I update this page go to the Update Page to see whats new!


Well, anyway, please check out some items before you leave my page. THIS PAGE IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!

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Sailor Venus

HEY! I finally got some Sailor Moon sounds!They are WAV and MIDI sound files.I would add more sound files if it weren't for my editor.
My sound page.

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