Al Bundy @ the center next to a male & female tour-friend in the front ^_*!



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Hi, pals, let me try to make it simple. Here are some info about me. Real name: Al. Work: EE(Electrical Engineer) in SJ area. Live: SF. Asian who has never been married, non-smoker & don't drink (socially,ok), D&D free; open-minded, gentle, considerate, down-to-Earth (no games pls), humourous guy; can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, a bit of Japanese. UCD Grad 1 yr ago. I always adore smarter and beautiful things/beings, from great Musics, Arts, Philosophies to human-beings. Someone said a wise man should be good in logic & know how to appreciate good things(emotion), I agreed ^_^. Well, wanna get to know me better, it's always better we hang out and learn from each other, right :=)!

Go to movies, beaches, shopping, enjoy many kinds of diverse music and arts, singing, coffee / tea-house(yum-cha), biking, hiking, reading, go to gym, dance, be active & be deep thinking...

Live in SF.

Like to: hang out, music, art, dance & travel... {some of them are my future goals}. Just be happy with ur life, my friend, with a brightly humble smile ^_^... P.S.: To contact with me, click on "E-mail me" under the bottom of my photo or go to; SORRY DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINT, THIS PAGE MIGHT CONTAIN ERROR(S)... thank you^_^! -Al