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Yu Yu Demon World Dimension

Welcome to the Yu Yu Demon World Dimension. You are visitor # LE FastCounter
of this dimension since Feb. 15, 1998. It is actually a Yu Yu Hakusho site. There are 8 stops for visiting. They are:

Yu Yu Message Board

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First Stop -- History Museum, where you can learn about the events that had happened in Yu Yu Hakusho.
Last Updated: Feb.18, 1998

Second Stop --Characters Museum,where you can know about the 4 main characters and the others of Yu Yu Hakusho.
Last Updated: Mar. 15, 1998

Third Stop -- Celebrities' Gallery,where you can find many images of the Yu Yu Hakusho "celebrities".
Last Updated: Aug. 24, 1998

Forth Stop -- Music Hall ,where you can hear the wonderful musics of Yu Yu Hakusho.C
Last Updated: Aug. 5, 1998

Fifth Stop -- Yu Yu Library,where you can read many fanfictions of Yu Yu Hakusho.
Last Updated: April 5, 1999

(Thanks to Anayu for providing the picture on the right.)

Sixth Stop -- Yu Yu Fan Gallery,where you can see many fan art and 4-picture comics from Yu Yu fans.
Last Updated: Nov. 5, 1999

Seventh Stop -- Yu Yu Yaoi World, where you can find the secret between Kurama and Hiei.
Last Updated: May 15, 1999

Eighth Stop -- Yu Yu Poll Station, where the Yu Yu supporters can vote for their favorite.
Last Updated: Aug. 31, 1998

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