Welcome to my sanctuary..

Welcome to my Realm of Sanctuary, the Sector 5 Slums church!

*waves a paw*

*you enter a quiet abandoned church, and a feeling of peace overcomes you...*

*tall pillars loom over you as you slowly walk down the center aisle. Rays of silvery sunlight lend a glow over the church..*

*suddenly, an angel appears before you, her beautiful wings folded behind her. Her long auburn hair is kept in a long braid, and her aqua green eyes are incandescent, with a pearly illumination*

Meow!  Aren't I cute?

Hello there, weary traveller! *smiles* I'm Angel Aerith (Also known as Kitty Aerith), the flower *cat-angel*. Pleased to meet you.

*gestures around* It may be an abandoned church, but it's always been very special to me. This is the only place where the flowers will grow in Midgar. Well... Make yourself at home. ='-'=

Note: Please don't take any pictures from this page without my permission... Alright? Thank you very much! =*-*=

09-11-02: PLEASE NOTE: I haven't been updating this site for years now, and probably will not for a long time. I would take it down, except for one thing - when I made this site, it was from a love for the FFVII character Aerith, to give her a home in the afterlife, a 'solid' way for her to watch over others in her celestial existence. So for that nostalgia, I couldn't bear to take it away from her. To see current artwork, you can visit my new site ('LycheeReverie'). However, I am thinking about re-vamping this site sometime, to give Aerith a nicer sanctuary. A big thank you to all the visitors this realm has had and still has.

Last UPDATED: 09-11-02

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