Edition 33 - June 18, 2001

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Toyota V10 GT

Spiritual successor to the 2000GT, although this picture reminds me of the RX8, especially aft of the B-pillars

Toyota Verossa - early image

Alfa Romeo-esque FR sports sedan by Toyota. Based on the Mark II, it has a FR layout.  Choice of 3 engines, 2.5-L turbo straight six, 2.5-L NA straight six, 2-L four.

Toyota Verossa - late image

This image is the latest guesstimate based on later information, which should be more accurate. The interior is said to be more luxurious and even more adventurous than the Altezza/IS300. Will debut in Japan in July of this year.

Nissan Altima

Submitted by alert reader "blue-guy", who seems suspiciously like someone.......

Nissan GT-R R35

To debut in 2004. The GT-R will be known as the R35, and will be separated from the lesser-powered Skyline siblings, which are known as V35 series. Apart from more muscular styling, it will possess a turbo-charged V8 motor which will generate phenomenal output. Nissan reasons that since many "foreign" cars, such as the new M3, rates their engines over 280-ps in Japan, the voluntary 280-ps limit for domestic car-makers is meaningless. With the current Infiniti Q45 making 340-hp in NA form, the turbo-charged R35 should be able to put out at least 450-hp!

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII 6MT

The Evo 7 already selling in satisfactory quantities, mainly due to customers' resistance to its arch-nemesis, the Impreza WRX Sti, wacky styling, will finally receive a 6-speed manual. This move will make this model even more popular. Reports say this new transmission will be offered in Spring 2002.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Hot on the heels of the release of the 6-speed, Mitsubishi will release the Evolution 8. Dinner-plate fog lights, featured on all versions of the Lan Evo I - VI, will return and further tweaks to the engine should generate slightly more torque. Also in the works is an automatic transmission, which will most probably be sourced from its German parent!

Mitsubishi Airtrek Evolution

Next Spring, Mitsubishi will also debut the Evolution version of the Air Trek SUV. It will have the heart of the Lan Evo, the 4G63 Turbo engine! Re-tuned for more torque, it will have a preliminary 260-ps output, although later versions will surely receive power upgrades.

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