Edition 36 - August 22, 2001

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Honda S2000 Type-R

Due to poor sales in Japan and Europe, Honda will introduce a more powerful Type-R version of the S2000 convertible. Since a lack of torque has been the greatest criticism, Honda will increase the displacement of the 4-cylinder engine to somewhere between 2.2 to 2.5 litres, with most of the gain going to improving low-end torque. An already spartan interior means there is not much weight to be lost in the transformation to Type-R status. An automatic transmission is also in the works as Honda gets desperate to expand the customer base to better match its European rivals.

Honda NSX Type-R (+facelift)

Having starved the current NSX of nearly all developmental money, Honda has finally updated the NSX to prepare the public for a much more dramatic-looking replacement in 2004. Before the next NSX, the current one receives a cosmetic refreshening, with canopy-style headlamp covers, RSX-style rear lights clusters, and a large Lancer Evolution-style rear wing. Honda will throw out many luxury appointments to reduce weight as well for the Type-R version.

Honda NSX (new)

The next NSX will have much more dramatic styling and it will break Japan's self-imposed horsepower barrier (280ps) along with the next Skyline GTR R35. AV8 engine option has again been revived in the developmental program, since it can be shared with the next Legend/RL model to gain economies of scale. The top-line V8 model will have at least 350ps and can be tuned to produce 400ps in later iterations, according to Honda insiders.

2004 Subaru Legacy (new)

Subaru's Legacy is enjoying healthy sales both at home and abroad, with a large percentage of sales from the wagon variations. The next generation will build on the current model's strengths and tackle weaknesses such as its bland interior and exterior, and lackluster interior appointments. Coming out in 2004, the new model will still be 4WD powered and will have a 250-ps NA straight-six 3-L engine. The turbo-charged B4 version may also break the 280-ps barrier, if the NSX and GT-R does not run into trouble with the Japanese government.

Hyundai Tiburon

Front view of concept model. Very close to production spec.


Hyundai Tiburon

Side view of concept model. Very close to production spec.

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