Mar. 18- *sigh* I was hoping to get a To Heart page all ready but I don't have any red on my computer anymore!!! I'm afraid that if I save the pictures and put them in this site then they would come out all blue and yellow. The main character in the series also has red hair! Gee! I decided to have a Serika section on my Mini Page too! I look forward to having it up soon! I hope my computer is fixed soon!!! Okee~ I gotta go now. Bai bai!!!

Pictures-the pictures that I post up are mostly from other webpages and should have a link to the site where I got most of those pictures. I've noted the ones that I scanned myself and usually don't mind if you use them for your own homepage. But for some of them I would like you to e-mail me before you use them and I stated that if that's how I wanted it. I just wanna know where they are going.

Links-there are links in the appropriate pages. Usually they are links where I got my info from or pictures. Also, they could just be really good pages that I wanted other people to see.

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