Them Bad Peoples

Schwarz (Black - As opposed to our lovely boys, Weiss)

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if you have not seen the whole TV series, or read any of the other Weiss stuff. Please proceed with caution if you don't want to know!!

Farfarello: From Ireland, aged 20. (seiyuu: Ryuusei Nakao)
Half the time this guy is kept in a straight jacket. He loves his knives and blades, as you can see the scars that are on his face. If he wasn't kept in a straight jacket, then he'd probably kill himself because he loves blood. From Ireland... go figure? ^_^
Killed his family at an early age. Repressed the memory and blamed God. Killed his family because he found out that his mother was the nun he loved, Sister Ruth. Kills Sister Ruth when he meets back up with her.
Farfarello's power is in his level of insane-ness. He is so insane that he doesn't feel pain anymore.

Schuldich: From Germany, aged 22. (seiyuu: Hikaru Midorikawa)
Yaaay! Sexy Schu-Schu! Isn't he though? That hair, those glasses (Yoji-sama!), and I can't help it, I LOVE that jacket he wears! Besides that lovely arrogant, evil look. Mmmm... BTW, is there a series that exsists where Hikaru Midorikawa does NOT do a voice? Sheesh, this guy's everywhere!
Kidnaps Sakura and uses her against Aya. While controlling her, she shoots and injures Aya.
Schuldich's power is to read minds and be able to influence them.

Nagi Naoe: From Japan, aged 15. (seiyuu: Nozomu Sasaki)
Cute litttle Nagi. Like Omi, but evil. Look at that little uniform he's wearing too! Kawaii!! Serious little thing. For a hilarious fanfic about Nagi's past, go here --> The Way Things Could/Should Have Been Make sure you check out the main page too!!
Has a crush on Schrient member Tot. Uses his powers to entertain her, like making the cherry blossoms dance and whirl. Kisses her. Promises to spend his life with her, but Crawford interfers and reminds Nagi of what he is. Relationship ends with Tot
Nagi's power is telekinesis. He can generate large amounts of ki, or energy. He can blast people, he can pick things up ("I float stuff!"), etc.

Brad Crawford: From America, aged 27. (seiyuu: Ryuutarou Okiayu)
If you go to the link above and then to the main page, check out the section, Who's My Mommy? You'll see a surprising look alike between Mr. Brad here and Hayama (Kodomo no Omocha) in a suit. Chibi-Brad!
Anyway, Brad has sexy Yuu-kun's voice. He usually wears his little suits, and not much else. I don't know much about him except that he works for Takatori and he gave Aya a thrashin' in the second episode (Go Brad! Umm... sorry Aya) In the first two "An Assassin and White Shaman" manga I've read, he doesn't do much.
Crawford's power is that he can see into the near future. A day, a week at most. How convient that would be... ^_^

Schreient (Screaming)

Hell (Light, Brightness): Leader of Schreiend, formerly in the Japan Self-Defense Forces. Aged 27, real name Chizuru Aoi. (seiyuu: Masako Katsuki) Weapon: Scissors

Schoen (Beautiful): A former model. Aged 24, real name Karen Kitaura. (seiyuu: Miki Itou) Weapon: Whip

Neu (New): 22 years old. She has no memory, but apparently she has a past with Yoji. (Like who doesn't?!) Turns out to be his supposedly-killed partner Asuka. Yoji ends up having to kill her (seiyuu: Mitsuishi Kotono) Weapon: Martial Arts

Tot (Death): Has the intellect of a three-year-old. Aged 17, real name Nanami Hibino. For some reason, she kissed Nagi! (seiyuu: Yuko Mizutani) Weapon: Unmbrella (and the bunny cute-ness of death!)

the Takatori family

Reiji Takatori: the head of the Takatori clan. About 50. (seiyuu Norio Wakamoto)
Kikuno Takatori - Mamoru's mother
Shuuichi Takatori - A.K.A. second Persia
Hirofumi Takatori - Reiji's oldest son
Masafumi Takatori - Reiji's middle son
Mamoru Takatori - Reiji's youngest son. Kidnapped and suspected killed.
Ouka Takatori: Daughter of Reiji's mistress. Sweet on Omi.
Shizuka Sakaki: Ouka's mother. Owner of high-class restaurant "Sakaki." Aged 34. (seiyuu: Minato ___se)

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