Name: Aya (Real Name: Ran Fujimiya)
Seiyuu: Takehito Koyasu
Code Name: Abyssinian

Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: A

Advantages: obedient, careful, sympathetic, self-sacrificing, polite, willing to compromise, empathetic, honest, loyal
Disadvantages - nervous, worries a lot, emotional, weak-willed, indecisive, introverted, anti-social, 'wishy-washy'

Birthday: July 4
Age: About 20
Weapon: Japanese sword
Image Flower: Rose

Hobby: Reading and writing
Likes: Money
Dislikes: Authority figures

Aya is a man who has abandoned his smile. His cold expression keeps people away. If it's for money, he will accept any job. An incident in his past changed his life; since then, he has sworn vengeance in his heart and hidden himself. The enemy who makes him burn with hatred is the powerful Reiji Takatori. Aya is always cool, but when he meets those who make him remember his hatred, his emotions burst out. He secretly visits a young girl lying unconscious in the hospital.


Watch out for his *killer* glare!


Name: Ken Hidaka
Seiyuu: Tomokazu Seki
Code Name: Siberian

Height: 175 cm
Blood Type: B

Advantages - cheerful, optimistic, forgetful, adventurous, active, sensitive, kind.
Disadvantages - undecided, disorganized, nosy, spontaneous, prone to exaggeration, quick to anger/make sad.

Birthday: December 23
Age: 18-19
Weapon: Bugnuk(?) (Tiger's claw)
Image Flower: Gentian

Hobby: Soccer
Likes: Soccer and children
Dislikes: Liars

A naive, hot-blooded young man with a strong sense of justice and sensitivity to the conflict between duty and emotion. He is not good at doubting others, which often leads to his unhappiness. He is actually a former J-Leaguer (Japanese professional soccer player) who played as a goalkeeper. However, he was disgraced by a game-fixing gambling scandal and expelled from the J-League, and then someone tried to kill him. He has recently learned that it was all a case of entrapment by Kouichiro Kase, whom he had believed to be his best friend.


Really has no point even being in Weiss. But he makes a great character in Fanfics. ^_^


Name: Omi Tsukiyono
Real Name: Mamoru Takatori (Yeah, you heard right)
Seiyuu: Hiro Yuki
Code Name: Bombay

Height: 163 cm
Blood Type: 0

Advantages - outgoing, confident, strong-willed, judgemental, dedicated, self-deterministic.
Disadvantages - strong-willed, stubborn, uncomprimising, cold personality, over confident, self-centered.

Birthday: February 29
Age: 17 (Actually, he's 4 years old...)
Weapon: Arrows, bow gun, darts
Image Flower: Freesia

Hobby: Internet
Likes: the elderly
Dislikes: Foolish adults and celery(! Weird...)

A cheerful and energetic high school student who shrewdly parlays his popularity into successful salesmanship. While he is the youngest, of the various individual personalities of Weiß, he is the collected one who keeps things in order. He is good at working with computers. He once was kidnapped; on that occasion, he was deserted by his father, and that wounded his heart. Perhaps from shock, he has no memory of that time.


Genki, genki *GENKI*!!! If he doesn't cheer you up himself, he'll enlist the flowers to help.


Weiss' contacts:
Persia: Weiss' unseen commander. Aged 45-46. (seiyuu: Juurouta Kosugi)
Birman: Real name Kyoko Takaoka, aged 23. Persia's beautiful private secretary. (seiyuu: Kikuko Inoue)
Manx: Real name Hanae Kitada. Another one of Persia's beautiful private secretaries. And the only one that can get away with wearing high heels and socks

Other characters:
Momoe Yamaguchi: the old woman who works at Koneko no Sumu Ie.
Aya Fujimiya: Ran (Aya)'s sister. Age 16. (seiyuu: Yui Horie)
Sakura Tomoe: a girl who looks like Aya's sister. Age 15.
Asuka Murase: Yoji's former partner. Age 22. (seiyuu: Kotono Mitsuishi)
Yuriko: Ken's former girlfriend. She moved to Austrailia.

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