Those Clothes!!!

This is the page where I get to rip on their clothing. There are certain pictures and certain clothes that they were that are just HORRID and I think it's time to bring some of those pictures out. (I was hiding them away because they were so bad, but I just gotta show!)

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We'll go through this person by person.
The Sea Breeze and Me
Ken - Ken, honey, you're at the beach! Even though that shirt doesn't have any sleeves (as you're so casually demonstrating for us) it looks like it's make out of wool or something. We can also tell that Ken shaves his whole body!
Aya - Now I know Aya isn't Mr. Sunshine, but then, wouldn't you be unhappy if you had to wear such an ugly yellow shirt?! Was the person who colored this colorblind? We can all see that yellow is definately NOT Aya's color. Note to self - call Aya Mr. Sunshine. It fits.
Omi - Oh, poor, poor Omi. This boy, I swear. Not only does we wear these god-awful hats (we ALL saw that ugly pink thing in the first episode) but he usually gets stuck in the worst oufits. (See the singing picture below) Where are those sleeves going?! Did someone not notice that Omi is a boy? Now, I know Omi is a bit girlish, but the pink! The sleeves! And not to mention the plaid. Oh no. They're probably shorts too, knowing Omi. Pink and blue plaid do not go together. I pity the poor boy.
Yoji - Now we all know how much I love Yoji-sama, but some of his outfits really REALLY get to me. Such as this. It would look awesome if we wouldn't always wear those little sleeve-less shirts. My fashion advice for Yoji-sama... SLEEVES, honey, sleeves! Sew them on to a couple of your shirts. Comes a time when you need them.

Shower Time! Yaaay!!
Yoji - Yoji-sama, put OUT the cigarette if you're going to bathe. And posture, posture, suck that stomach in! Sheesh, all angles. You think he bathes with the sunglasses on?
Omi - Not much to say about Omi, except that it looks like he bathes in his swim trunks. And you can tell that he's young!
Aya - Umm, Aya... either button the shirt or pull it all the way open. When you have it like that, it looks like you have breasts... Yes yes, don't kill me yet Aya, just pull open the shirt and give the girls a thrill... rather than looking like one yourself... Oh, and zip your pants.
Ken - Ken also seems to bathe in his shorts. Doesn't anyone get naked?! Well, I do know that Yoji-sama sleeps naked... but that's something else. Um... A loofa. For some reason, I don't see the assassins Weiss Kreuz bathing with a loofa sponge. It just doesn't seem to fit...

Sing to Me!
Ken - It's actually a good outfit for Ken. I would use a white shirt instead of a blue-ish tie dye one though... It does seem more like an outfit for, oh, skating or a date or something rather than singing and acting cool.
Omi - Omi is the problem in this picture. Poor poor Omi. The shirt is nice, even if the collar is quite large... The gloves have to go though. It's like Yoji-sama's gloves with that short shirt in the ending credits. Omi, honey, I know you like shorts... but NOT short shorts!! Those are just too short for you!
Aya - Nice outfit for Aya. It fits his personality. But, ah, take a good look at the hand holding the mic. Yeah, that's right, try it out on yourself. Did you also notice that his hand is drawn wrong? Why is his thumb on the wrong side of his hand?! It's disturbing!
Yoji - A fuzzy yellow shirt. No. No. No. It looks like that knappy (?) poodle fuzz on a shirt. The green suit is overall nice looking though.

Step Sitting
Omi - Yaay! Omi has a nice outfit on for once!! The shoes are a little large looking though. And, uh, is that a hat I detect? Omi does not have luck with hats, yet he insists on wearing them! That awful pink one in the first episode. He wears a night gown and a night cap when he sleeps, as shown in episode three. Poor poor Omi, I repeat.
Yoji - Not bad Yoji-sama. The only thing I have a problem with is the apparent no shirt underneath the jacket. What if you lost the buttons? Then you'd have no shirt and everyone would see your chest. Just put a shirt on to please me, okay?
Aya - Nice, very nice and suits Aya very much. Minor problem though... Uh, what's in his lap? Aya with a lace doille? Some woman's handkerchief? The world will never know...
Ken - Same with The Sea Breeze and Me. Yellow is not the boys color. (It might fit Omi...) And what's with the odd cord around his neck? No point to it, and it looks stupid. I like the shoes though....

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