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This is a little dictionary to anime, shonen-ai and yaoi. Please check it out so you know what you're getting into. Pertains mostly to the High Priestess' later fics, but still is helpful!

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Always on My Mind
What's going on between Aya and Ken> Contains Shounen-Ai


David Knight

WeiB Rose
An interesting cross-over between Weiss and Street Fighter. Cammy White returns home, only to find disaster! And who is that mysterious man in the creme Armani suit?


Melting Dreams - Deena
A serious fic that highlights Aya's struggles through life and how opening up to one person can change it all...

Invictius - Deena
A fic where Aya and Ken come to terms with related pasts. Finding a friend who shares your secret is hard.

Ken's Stalker - Deena
Ken's stalker from his soccer days shows up, and he'll do anything to drive her away! Thankfully, Yoji is there to help. But happens when the attraction sets in?Contains Shounen-Ai!
| Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5|

Something New - Deena
Aya and Ken's newest mission find them on a honeymoon cruise... for gay couples! Contains Shonen-Ai
|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3|

Raspberry and Lime Shampoo - Deena
Ken filches a certain kind of shampoo that makes Yoji look at him in a different way. Contains Shonen-Ai and Yaoi!
|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4|

Dancing Towards Obscurity - Deena
A mission leaves Ken feeling lost, and a certain redhead only wants to help.Contains Shonen-Ai

Waking Upon Latern's Bright - Deena
Ken realizes his feelings for Aya, but how will Aya take them?Contains Shonen-Ai

Durendal and The Beef Chick

Uncle Yohji's Book of Love
Uncle Yohji goes to therapy over his habits. A hilarious story of a poor therapist having to put up with everyone and their weird traits! Contains Sexual References, and Yaoi Implications
Uncle Yohji's Book of Love

Uncle Yohji's Book of Love: Schruldig's Book of 'Love'
More therapy for the boys, this time Schwartz is involved! Contains Sexual References and Yaoi Implications
Part One: Yohji - "I NEED TO QUIT SMOKING"
Part Three: Omi - "NO SEX FOR THE BABY BEE"


Hayashi Azusa

More Than Friends
When Aya gets captured during a mission, feelings are revealed to help other through the tough times. Contains Yaoi

High Priestess Lynn-chan

The Newest Member
The Newest Member (cont.) - High Priestess Lynn-chan
Part 1 of a fic by the High Priestess (it wouldn't all fit on one page, so it's split onto two). The WeiB boys get a new member, and they're not sure who it is, or how to handle him!

The One You Want for Valentine's Day
The One You Want for Valentine's Day (Cont.) - High Priestess Lynn-chan
Schuldich and Crawford are both looking for someone special for that special day. Who could their 'special person' turn out to be? Broken into two segments because the whole thing won't fit on one page! Contains Shonen-Ai!

Do You Really Understand? - High Priestess Lynn-chan
An offshoot of 'Flowers for the Sick' the second half of 'The Newest Member'. 'Flowers' has yet to be posted. This story revolves around Aya and Ken and their relationship. Contains Shonen-Ai!

Don't You Want Me? - High Priestess Lynn-chan
So I've been going through a 'I can't think up a decent title' stage. We've all been there. This is another fic about Crawford and SchuSchu, with a little scene of Yoji in there. Contains Yaoi and Shonen-Ai!

Portrait of a Psycho - High Priestess Lynn-chan
A story about Farfarello's past, how he joined Schwarz. Brief pasts for the other boys too.
Lookie above! I won an award for this fic! Doesn't that mean that you should read it, huh huh? ^_^ Contains Shonen-Ai, and Lime Yaoi!

Weiß Fairy Geschichten:

Yoji and the Three Princes - High Priestess Lynn-chan
After reading Brother Grimm's Fairy Tales too many times, this idea was spawned. Prince Yoji is getting married, but who will he choose? Contains Yaoi Lemon/Lime and Shonen-Ai!
Look! I won an award for this fic! Yaay! And thank you to the judges! If you want to be a part of this year's Takuhitsu competition, click the link below!

Omi and the Frog Prince - High Priestess Lynn-chan
Prince Omi's golden ball is rescued by a demanding frog. When the frog comes home to the castle, what'll happen? Contains Shonen-Ai!
Look! I won an award for this fic too! Thanks to all the judges! If you want to be part of this year's Takuhitsu competition, please refer to the link above!

Weiß Phantasie
Written by - High Priestess Lynn-chan
Poems by - NightMajik
Our boys get sucked into a fantasy world! How will they survive? Will romance and yaoi-ness surface? Will the boys find love in each other or outside of WeiB? Is Omi *really* a girl?!
Yes, this is the 40 part series! The longest running series in Weiss fandom at the moment! To brag a bit ^_^
Contains: Yaoi - Lime and Lemon, Violence, Male/Female Sex, Shonen-Ai, Bad Langauge

|Day One| |Day Two| |Day Three| |Day Four| |Day Five|
|Day Six| |Day Seven| |Tokyo Time| |Epilouge| |Afterword|

Check out the lovely fanart that was drawn for this series!!

Omi-chan by NightMajik. Omi and Ravi by Lily-dono. Ken in a Can by Lily-dono. Yoji and Aya by P-chan.

Yoji's Statue - 'Faerie' by Yoshitaka Amano (faerie wings blotted out)



Shifted Lovers - Jemie
An on-going series about the relationship between Ran and Sakura. Contains Romance
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four



Paradise Lost - Kat
An AyaxOmi pairing. Omi confesses his love for Aya, but his memories give Aya the wrong idea. Will the two ever come together? Contains Shounen-Ai and Lemon Yaoi
Paradise Lost
Paradise Found
The Brink of Paradise
Torn from Paradise
Paradise in Reflection
Bittersweet Paradise
Paradise Edge
Paradise Threnody
Paradise Awakening
Deceiver's Paradise
Paradise Departing

Alone Together - Kat
The sequel to 'Paradise Lost'. How will Aya and Omi unite after new dangers face their love?
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five


Lyra and Moonsong

I.R.S. (Insanity Reigns Supreme) - Lyra and Moonsong
Sillyfic that used this shrine's Underwear update to play a joke on poor SchuSchu. Poor thing, bet he sucks his thumb at night too ^_- Alludes to Yaoi content



Sudden Sharp Sweetness
A fic about Yoji. Can Yoji finally find someone to love?

Pretty Magic Girl Sammy

Omi's being sent to an all-girl's school in America?! Contains Shounen-Ai


Mahou Lina

Don't You Know - Mahou Lina
An Aya fic that comes from a scene in the graphic novel

Date - Mahou Lina
A fic about Yoji and his past with women...

Tales of the High Sea - Mahou Lina
A hilarious story about Captain Aya the Red, First Mate Yoji the Playboy, Fire Tempered Ken, and Cabin Boy Omi. A Must Read!!!

A picture of Aya the Red - by Irein-chan


Through the Glass
A great start to a very angsty fic. This part deals with Yoji.



Annexation - Nettie
A regular fangirl gets drawn into the Weiss world by chance with a magical object. What awaits her there?


Easter Eggs... And Then Some - NightMajik
Happy Easter a bit late! Weiss and Schwarz get together to celebrate, but what's Omi been drinking? Contains Shonen-Ai!

Blood and Tears - NightMajik
A Heart Too Young
Omi can't help but have feelings for the cold Aya. But how will Aya react to a confession? Shonen-Ai elements!
A Pain Too Deep
The second part in the 'Blood and Tears' trilogy. Aya and Omi are together, but are they really happy? A surprise ending! Shonen-Ai elements!
The Kids Aren't Alright - The Aftermath
How will the others deal with what has happened? Relationships are strained, but hopefully all will heal.

Four - NightMajik
A cat watches the four boys pass, and it's eyes see all as it analyzes the boys.

Wiping Away the Tears - NightMajik
Yoji can't deny his feelings for Omi anymore. They can only torture him as he continues to remain silent... Contains Shonen-Ai!

Dreamscapes: A Poem for Aya - NightMajik

Eyes on You: A Poem for Omi - NightMajik

Upon A Time: A Poem for Yoji - NightMajik


Rhole Hidaka

Crazy Times - Rhole Hidaka
The truth proves too much for Omi too handle, and Schuldig takes advantage of the situation... Contains yaoi
|Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three| |Part Four| |Part Five| |Part Six| |Part Seven| |Part Eight| |Part Nine|

One Week - Rhole Hidaka
Schuldich and Aya have some interesting encounters over the course of 7 days... Contains Shonen-Ai and Yaoi Lemon!
|Prologue| |Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8|

Cooking with Weiss
Another one of my strange fics, where the Schwartz and Weiß boys do a cooking show. Contains silliness, yaoi

Cooking with Schwartz
The sick and twisted sequel to Cooking With Weiß! Be VERY afraid of rabid Farf lovers... Contains silliness, yaoi

Yaoi on Ice
Semi-yaoi sillific

Tea and Sympathy
An unexpected change in Crawford's behavior leads Schuldig to a situation he's not used to: one where he's not in control. Contains shounen-ai

Candy Weekend
Ken discovers Youji's stash of gummies, and all hell breaks loose. Well, it does for Kenken! Contains shounen-ai

Lunchtime Express - Rhole Hidaka and Jessi B.
Another cooking fic, featuring the YYH boys (at Jessi's request). Maybe we'll write more...? Contains shounen-ai and yaoi

Tepid - Rhole Hidaka and Jessi B.
A silly lil' Youji/Omi teaser inspired by a freaky trip to Wal-Mart. O.o Contains shounen-ai

All that I can Say
Post-mission introspection fic. Can't say who, it'd give away the surprise... ^^;; Contains shounen-ai, spoilers for eps. 21-23 (Asuka's past)

Lemon Tea - Rhole Hidaka and Roo
Consider this the lemon version of Tea and Sympathy. Ooh, free lemon lesson for meee!! ^,^() Contains yaoi and shounen-ai

Sorezore no Haru Yasumi
A twisted attempt at a Spring Break fic. ^^;; Contains shounen-ai and yaoi



No Sense of Perspective
A cross-over with Gundam Wing. What happens when the Weiss boys meet up with the Gundam boys when they both go to party in New Orleans? Contains Shounen-Ai

Shimizu Maiko

The Beautiful Stranger - Shimizu Maiko
Rating: NC-17 Warning: Spoilers, explicit language, angst, violence, lemon
Yoji pursues a dead ringer for a long-lost love - a beautiful stranger with a dark secret and a mysterious past. What will he and Weiß discover?

Stille Nacht: Christmas Night Watch - Shimizu Maiko
Aya keeps a lonely watch on Christmas Eve to bring someone joy.


Darkness - Sumire
|Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three|
|Part Four| |Part Five| |Part Six|
A fic that centers on Schwarz, especially Brad Crawford. Feelings confuse him, and he doesn't know how he really feels about what he does. Contains Shonen-Ai!

Blood Roses - Sumire
Omi's not the boy you thought he was. And how's this going to affect his relationship with the other boys, especially Aya? Contains Shonen-Ai!
Midnight Secrets
Everything I Need?
Kirei Hana


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