Yoji-sama's Divinity

So, you've seen the fact that I'm obsessed with Yoji. Obviously, I built a shrine to Him. ^_^ (My friends think I'm insane, and I'm inclined to believe them. But then, I like to think myself a follower of Tylorism. Do what you want if it makes you feel good.) As I was putting up his birthday annoucement (a tad late in the day, too), I noticed his birthdate and had a thought. Can I truly prove that Yoji-sama is a God like I think he is? He's my God, is he yours?

Let me say here and now that I mean no offense to any existing religions or people of religious or spiritual faith. This is just for fun, so don't get too mad at me! *eep* Also, I interchange the word 'god' with 'God' because sometimes my finger likes to hit that Caps Lock. Read it how ever you want. I don't hold it against you if you worship a God, just realize that I interchange the two different capitalizations. Gomen to anyone whom I offend, and know that that was not my purpose.

1) First off, his looks. Aren't they godly enough? Those sexy sleepy eyes and gorgeous hair. The only thing that isn't very God-like is his clothes, but then again, how do we know if that's chic or not in the Eternal's Realm? He's just sexy enough to be God, ne? ^_-

2) The fact that he kills. A God can give life or take life. In a sense, he does just that. He takes the life of those who are unjust and deserve to die for hurting others. But he can also give life by the simple fact of sparing their life. They were condemned to die, but instead he saved them in hopes that they will change their ways. There's also the fact that he's a man and can start life with a woman, but ah... we ARE talking about Yoji-sama here, so, ah, we'll just leave that aspect alone.

3) Anyone seen his shitajiki (pencil board)? At the bottom, his says 'Last Judgement'. As a God, he has the power over life, and therefore at the end of time (that is, whenever he deems it (probably when he's gotten too bored, even with women ^_-)), He will come and Judge everyone. Of course, that means that women will automatically get into the Eternal Realm.

4) The simple fact that there are crosses littered all over the place around him. On the sleeves of his jacket, on the tattoo on his arm, on his fellow assassins. Crosses have always been a sign of a religion. They date back hundreds of thousands of years. Does the spirit of Yoji-sama also date back there? (Ha ha, not with women. I mean, point of origin. ^_^;;;;;) However long the cross has been around, so has religion. And therefore, the sign of the cross all over Yoji-sama (upside down like on his tattoo or not) indicates a type of religion. I think since he's decked out in them, it means he's a type of God. ^_-

5) His birthdate. March 3rd. 3-3. In many known religions, there is the Trinity, Triumvirate, Trio, etc. The number 3 is a holy number to many people. It represents 3 made up into one. One is three, and three are one. Now, mind you, we're not exactly positive who makes up the Triumvirate (sp? i really like that word, though...) of Yoji-sama, but there's no denying the fact that 3 is a holy number.
Also, if you add the two 3's together, you get the number 6. Six, while also being a number of importance, can be used to represent many things. In some places, 6 represents the Devil (along with upside down crosses). But is the Devil not just another facet of God? A god is life and death, goodness and badness. In other places, 6 is the number of love. Is Yoji-sama not a lover? (Uh, *heh* stupid question to ask.)

It is hard to ignore these blatant facts that all point to the fact that Yoji-sama might possibily be a God. If you have found any other convincing facts that support this, please send me a letter. If you think I am totally nuts, please, email me also with your reasons against His Divinity.

The Truth is Out There. Will Yoji-sama Reveal it to Us?

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