Join the Ranks of Followers

So you want to become a disciple of the All Mighty Yoji-sama, ne? Just follow the simple rules and mail your subscription to the High Priestess. She'll look it over and see if you have enough potential to become a follower of Yoji-Sama.

All right, listen up! New guidelines have been added, and to become a follower you must follow them! (They're not that hard ^_^)
1. You have to like Yoji-sama, but he doesn't have to be your favorite. In other words, you can't be Anti-Yoji and still join the club. If you totally hate Yoji, and you want to vent on someone, then mail me and we'll duke it out.
2. Whenever you see Yoji-sama, you must either a) swoon, or b) cheer 'Yaay, Yoji!'.
3. You must have a picture of him somewhere (i.e. on your computer, in your room, naked with Aya, etc.)

Simple guidelines, ne? Want to follow any other rules and see them posted here? If you have an idea, email me with them when you submit your application, and I'll post them (you will be given credit for the rule, don't worry.)

On to the process of becomming a follower:

1. Email the High Priestess. To do that, open this envelope to see her address.

2. Copy the questions below into the email and write your answers below.

a. Name:

b. Email address:

c. Reason for becomming a Follower:

d. Favorite Weiss Kreuz Character:
While Yoji-sama does not have to be your first choice, you have to like him. You can however become a diciple of, say, Aya. Aya is recognized as a demi-god, while Yoji-sama is the All Mighty One True God.

e.Title You Would Like to Be Recognized:
There is only one High Priestess, and that is the High Priestess Lynn-chan. You may have any other lesser title though. It does not have to stay within the bounds of religious titles. You could be "Yoji-sama's wire waxer" if you so wished. Any person that has a title that the High Priestess deems too high will be asked to change the name.
NOTE:PLEASE make sure that all names have something to do with Yoji! This is a Yoji site, and you are joining Yoji's Followers, which means that you should have a Yoji-esque name. I look back over the list now and see that I allowed names that I shouldn't have, so now there has been a change. Make sure it is a Yoji name! I don't care if you put 'Aya no Miko' or 'Ken's Girlfriend' as a second lesser title. I will still post that, but that is not your main title here!


I am *tired* of getting names like 'Yoji's Girlfriend/Koibito/Wife' etc.!! These will *not* be accepted! If I let one person claim to be his wife, I don't want others to get mad that 'their' title was taken! I am *tired* of replying to these emails asking for another name. If I keep getting these types of mail, I will *IGNORE* you and not post your name!

f. What Information You Would Like to be Shown on the Scroll:
This is here because some people will not want their email address shown.

g. Any Other Information You'd Like to Put Down (i.e. Comments, Web Page Addresses, etc.)

3. Send that email, and sometime within the week, the High Priestess Lynn-chan will email you back and tell you if you have joined the ranks. You may then go to the List to see your name forever inscribed on the scroll.

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