The Story of Weiss Kreuz

I know that some of you are dying to know what happens in the series, or you’ve watched it, and just don’t get it all. Don’t worry. I had the same problem. You have to practically read everything you can find on Weiss to totally understand the whole series, and the characters. They all have complicated pasts that have not fully been explained, or character traits you want to know more about. Hopefully, this page will help with that. I have read the manga, watched the TV series, and read the translations to the OAV’s, Dramatic Image albums, and Dramatic Precious albums. And so, hopefully I can help with any questions you have.

Know though, that there are major


in here. If you don’t want to know, don’t read!!!

Okay, so for the people that do want to know, here we go.

Kritiker - Kritiker is the name of the whole organization, which includes Weiss and Crashers. But, it is also a smaller group inside the larger. People who join Kritiker are trained as spies, used for the gathering of information. They are not allowed to fight at all, but they are allowed to defend themselves if they cannot flee. They are used as a spy network, and so, there are more members in Kritiker than there are in Weiss and Crashers combined. Agents still works in teams of four to five, as do Weiss and Crashers. Persia is known as ‘Marigold’, and Manx is ‘Erika’ to Kritiker.

Persia - Persia is the code name for the man in power. The first Persia was Saijou Takatori (see below). The second Persia was Shuuichi Takatori. The third Persia was Yoshio Kurasuma.

Saijou Takatori - Father to Shuuichi and Reiji. The man who started the whole Takatori empire. Worships his mother in the family shrine instead of Buddha. Inspirited by his memories of his mother trying to raise her family to greatness, he started on his way to making his fortune. Created Kritiker and Crashers, and later, Weiss. The first Weiss team was totally annihilated, no one was left. After that disaster, Saijou resigned as Persia, passing it on to his son Shuuichi. He passed the company and fortune to Reiji. He later faked a stroke so that people would not come to bother him. He now lives at his Kanazawa mansion, called Tsukiyono Castle, but he still manipulates things from where he is. After Shuuichi and Reiji’s deaths, he is persuaded by Nakatsugawa to fund his plan for revenge, which involves the second Weiss team. His only living relative is Omi.

Shuuichi Takatori - The second Persia. Seen in the first half of the TV series. Was in love with a woman named Kikuno, who was forced to marry his brother Reiji. At the time, they did not know that she was pregnant from Shuuichi. Ends up giving birth to Mamoru. Uses Weiss for his own personal revenge on his brother Reiji.

Yoshio Kurasuma - Third Persia. In the Japanese government, he held the position of Vice Commissioner of the Ministry of Justice. Has trouble using Weiss because he values life, and so has the plan to slowly decrease their missions and then disband them. Rumor that he is having an affair with Birman. He has a wife and a 5 yr old child.

Reiji Takatori - Saijou’s son, Shuuichi’s brother. Received father’s political power and prosperous company. Head of the Takatori empire. Uses Schwarz as an assassin/bodyguard group. Killed the Fujimiya parents. Has sons Masafumi and Hirofumi, each who were involved in different pursuits that ended up killing people (Masafumi experimented on people, Hirofumi ran a human hunting game). Reiji was elected Prime Minister (after getting there in a dirty way… bribes, killing people, etc.), and is killed by third Weiss, mainly, Ran.

Manx - The red-headed, flamboyant secretary to the second Persia. There is rumor that she and Birman do not get along, although this was not seen in the anime. Usually is the one who gives missions to Weiss. Is very close to the second Persia, to the extent that she loves him. Under the third Persia, she was sent to the Philippines to train new Crashers. Ends up coming back when Birman is kidnapped, and while trying to save her, is wounded fatally and dies after she tells Weiss where Birman is. Real name: Hanae Kitada

Birman - Second secretary to Persia. Served second and third Persia. Loyal to the third Persia, loyalty that has turned to love. Her duty was to pass the details on to Weiss. Used to disguise herself when passing information, but no longer. Was kidnapped by the second Weiss team to get to the third Persia. Manx was recalled from Crashers training to terminate her so that she would not leak any information. When Weiss goes in to rescue her, she shoots herself using Aya’s gun.

Crashers - Teams that are used to expose criminals that the police cannot touch. Crashers agents dig up what dirty info they can find on the criminals, and then set up a trap so that the evidence is exposed and the police can come arrest them. They are skilled in weapons, but they are still under the strict rule not to kill. They use Crashers when the criminal is not too dirty that they have to call Weiss in. Crasher agents are also trained for rescue missions. Persia is known as ‘King’, and the secretary devoted to them (name unknown) is known as ‘Queen’. Ran was part of Crashers in his early days, pairing up with a young man named Knight.

First Weiss - Totally annihilated on their first mission.

Second Weiss - Created under Shuuichi. When found out that they were being used to target Reiji, they left and conducted missions on their own. They have laid low for the past two years. Made up of the four following people:

Shion - Once a leader of a UN organization in Africa. His teammates died, their deaths covered up. He faked his own death when he was being hunted down, and later joined Kritiker. Uses the sword when fighting, and believes that it should be used to save lives. Taught Ran in the way of the sword when the boy first joined Kritiker.

Ayami - Born a girl. Met Azami while at a delinquent camp, and Azami spent the rest of his life getting Ayami out of the fights he had gotten himself into. Ayami later saves up the money to become a man, but still bears an intense hate for women. After he joined Weiss, his hatred for them increased, and later he ends up going on weekly hunts, hunting and then killing any woman he can find. Uses a boomerang weapon when fighting. Owns a bar called Gion in Kyoto with Azami.

Azami - Friends with Ayami. In love with Ayami, but never confessed his feelings. Plays violin and would have become great in the music world if he hadn’t chosen to drop out and follow Ayami. Arrows shoot out of his violin, and so he carries the instrument with him everywhere.

Rindou - A former newspaper writer. Was kicked out of his job when he tried to do an in-depth story on Saijou Takatori. Saijou then killed Rindou’s partner on the story, and tried to kill him as well, but Rindou escaped into Kritiker. Has an intense hate for Saijou because of that. Weapon is tarot cards that he throws. He will often tell the fate of the victim. The Death card signifies death by the second Weiss, the Fool makes the second Weiss team withdraw, and if the Lovers card comes up, the second Weiss has no choice but to help the victim.

Kyousuke Nakatsugawa - President of the Bank of Japan. Served under Saijou and Shuuichi. Took control of second Weiss when they left Shuuichi. Receives funds from Saijou with the promise that the second Weiss will take out the third Weiss, who was responsible for Saijou’s son’s deaths. Second Weiss begins to suspect something though. Nakatsugawa is using the funds for his group, La Mort. Wants to use La Mort to take over Japan, even plotting to put a puppet Prime Minister in office.

La Mort - Group of killers, headed by Nakatsugawa. Intended to replace the whole Kritiker organization. Underground group of killers, it is made up of criminals that Nakatsugawa sprung from jail, and therefore they are very loyal to him. The will control Japan by fear so that Nakatsugawa can have the power he wants.

Third Weiss - Created under Shuuichi. Is used for Shuuichi’s brotherly revenge on Reiji. Consists of the following four men:

Ran Fujimiya - Reason for fighting: For the one he loves
Son of the Fujimiya’s, who were bankers. They became involved with Takatori, and so he had them killed (house blew up). The parents were killed, the daughter put into a coma, and the son left almost unscathed. After this, Ran joined Kritiker. Shion taught him the use of the sword. Befriended Knight while in Crashers. Later joins as the last member of the third Weiss. Uses the money from the missions to pay for his sister Aya’s hospital bills. Because of his great love for his sister, he takes the name Aya as his own while she is in a coma. Befriends a girl named Sakura, who looks like Aya, and she develops a crush on him. Kills Reiji, and as a team, Weiss kills the secret organization SS. Uses a katana for his weapon.

Youji Kudou - Reason for fighting: For the meaning of life
A private investigator. Investigates a prostitution ring called Riot. His partner and lover Asuka was killed, and after that, he joined the third Weiss. Ends up fighting Neu, a member of the assassin team Schrient. Neu looks exactly like Asuka, and could actually be her, but we do not know for sure. Youji ends up killing Neu, which tears him apart. Has a tattoo on his left shoulder, an upside-down cross with black angel wings, with the word ‘SIN’ written across it, and the words ‘When You Gonna Learn?’ underneath it. Uses a wire hidden in his watch to fight.

Ken Hidaka - Reason for fighting: For his own revenge
Played soccer in the J-League. Was drugged during a game, and then accused of betting on games. Was framed by his best friend Kase, who was eternally jealous of Ken. Kase ends up being a mission target, and is killed by Ken. Has a fling with Yuriko, a fellow motorcyclist, in the anime. Has another fling with Reiko in the DPA, but he ends up killing her because she runs an evil prostitution ring. Reason for fighting (taken from manga) does not seem to apply to him. Uses bugnuks (tiger’s claws) to fight.

Omi Tsukiyono - Reason for fighting: For the truth
Raised by Shuuichi. Has no memory of his past. Does not know his real name. Real name: Mamoru Takatori. Kidnapped as a child, and his father, then thought as Reiji, would not pay the ransom. Escapes with the help of Shuuichi. Loses memory of that time, and is raised by ‘Uncle’ Shuuichi. Memory slowly returns. Has to kill his two brother, Masafumi and Hirofumi, in missions. Was given the name Tsukiyono after Saijou’s Tsukiyono Castle, so that one day Omi would find his way there to learn about his family. Omi is Saijou’s only living relative. Cousin, Ouka, falls in love with him, but is killed by Farfarello’s gun. Uses darts, crossbow, and other pointy object as weapons.

Schwarz - Special psychic group formed by the organization SS. Bodyguards to Reiji. Made up of Brad Crawford (American, precognitive – sees future), Schuldich (German, telepath – reads/influences minds), Farfarello (Irish, madman – feels no pain), and Nagi Naoe (Japanese, telekinetic – can move objects with his mind). Have final battle with Weiss in building on island, which sinks, and all eight are presumed dead.

SS - Secret organization all over the world. Headed by three elderly people, two men, one woman. Want to rule the world. Want to use Aya Fujimiya as a sacrifice and host body for their dark lord to return to Earth. Use Schwarz and other groups (unknown, though) to get their way throughout the societies in other countries.

Aya Fujimiya - Younger sister to Ran. Put into a coma by explosion when her parents were killed. In hospital. Has not aged a day since being put in the hospital, more than two years ago (eternally sixteen). SS kidnaps her to use as a host body. Wakes up at end of TV series, and runs the Koneko no Sumi Ie with Sakura.

Sakura - Young girl. Runner. Befriended by Ran during one of the missions. Develops crush on Ran. Looks exactly like Aya. Sees him kill a man on a mission one day, and realizes what he does for a living. Runs Koneko no Sumi Ie with Aya. Leaves for France to study.

Koneko no Sumi Ie - Flower shop. ‘Kitty in the House’. Cover job for the third Weiss during the day. When they are presumed dead by Aya and Sakura, the girls take over. Owned by old woman, Momoe, who sits around petting her cat all the time (I suspect that she’s a Kritiker agent, just a really old one). Schrient - Female assassin group. Made up of the following four women: Hell, Schoen, Neu, and Tot. Bodyguards to Masafumi Takatori, who was killed by the third Weiss. Neu was killed by Youji. Hell and Schoen are later killed. Only Tot (whose name means death) escapes death.

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