*THE* Underwear

You've waited for an entire year for this moment. The moment when the Divine One would be revealed in his skivvies. And so, you've held off, telling yourself that one day, in the far future, the clothes would come off. And so... I present to you, the Allmighty in his Underwear!!


So what do you think? I'm terrible at CG's, so don't shoot me! This picture was provided by Koji Rose and CG'ed by NightMajik! NightMajik helped the dream come true by flesh coloring over his clothes and making the boy nekkid ^_^

Ohh! So all these people, , were interested in seeing the Underwear! I hope you liked it!

And if you think it's that bad, fine. Since I got such a *huge* response from the contest (*bitter*), I've shut down the contest. If you'd like to submit your own Underwear designs, go right ahead! Send it here and I'll post it. If not, those sections will be shut down too.

Disappointed? Gomen nasai a thousand fold! Remember that you're in a shrine, so don't cuss me out just yet. The door to the main hall is here. 1