Name: Yoji Kudo
Seiyuu: Shinichiro Miki
Code Name: Balinese

Height: 182 cm
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: March 3
Age: 21-22
Weapon: Wire
Image Flower: Cattleya

Hobby: Picking up women
Likes: Women
Dislikes: Men

Foppish and affected, a matchless playboy. He boasts that there's no woman who won't give in to him. He's kind to women and severe with men. He's sure to take any mission that has to do with women. He used to be a private investigator with a partner named Asuka Murase. In the past, while searching for a runaway girl, he got in too deep trying to infiltrate the prostitution organization Riot and was about to be killed. Apparently, after that, he became a member of Weiß.

Really, how can you go wrong with a name like Yoji Kudou? It just oozes cuteness. ^_^ And so does he! He could look at me all day with those big, sexy emerald eyes. I love the cut of his hair, not too short, not too long. Perfectly frames his face.
The only thing that bugs me about him is the clothes. Some of those outfits are terrible!! Like the red tanktop, sleeves rolled up, scoop necked. *Ugly*. Terribly ugly. But I like the midrifs. It's sexy somehow. If anyone else wore them, it'd look stupid. But only he can pull it off. You have to be *confident* to wear one of those!
Random thought - I'd really like to see Yoji-sama boogie down in the opening credits to Hana Yori Dango. Can't you picture him in his little midrif dancing like that? Flanked by Aya (dancing with a scowl), Omi and Ken? Can't you see it? I can...

Seiyuu: Miki Shinichirou - Yatta!! I love this man! In addition to Yoji-sama, that is. ^_^ He's done the voice for Allen-san and Amano-sempai (you can't say those names without tacking on the -san and -sempai like Hitomi does) from Vision of Escaflowne. He's also the voice of the cute (I think he's cute) Kojiro from Pokemon. He has a wonderful singing voice, and he's been/is in two bands. Weiss disbanded, but I believe he's still in RoST (which translated means something to the effect of 'three perverted guys'). About all of my mp3's I have are Miki-kun songs. They're awesome! The song 'Pop Girl' is about Yoji-sama's feelings for me! ^_^ Hee hee

Balinese - Have you ever seen one? Kawaii! It's like a Siamese. They're soo pretty and cute, just like Yoji-sama!

182 cm - Okay, math time... He's about 6 feet tall. Good height for a man ^_^

Blood Type AB - Now, as we have our Sun Signs and Astrology to compare people, the Japanese do it by blood type. People with the blood type AB have these advantages: sensitive, easy-going, sympathetic, efficient, learns quickly. But, unfortunately, there are these disadvantages: short-tempered, proud, complains, diplomatic, discriminating, dependent, moody, brooding, discriminating.
Hmm... Easy-going and sympathetic, yes. Proud, complains, mood, brooding... does this describe a certain green-eyed, lanky, sexy assassin we all know? ^_-

Birthday March 3 - Isn't that just perfect? He's a Pisces. Useless piece of information I read somewhere... Pisces' sexual point is their feet. Don't ask how I know that. I really shouldn't...

Age 21-22 - Perfect age, ne? Finally legal to do everything. And I'm sure he's done everything, whether he was legal or not. O_o

Weapon - Wire - That sexy wire of death! I've looked at the manga An Assassin and White Shaman and man, can he handle that thing! Hee... and thinking of other uses for that wire... ^_- I'm sure we girls can think of some things!

Image Flower Cattleya - Moo!! Ahh, gomen ne ^_^ It's a very pretty flower though. It varies in color, but I've seen lovely pink ones, and white ones with pink insides... But they're all so pretty! Perfect for Yoji-sama

Hobby - Picking up Women - Go figure. He's a pimp. He loves women, and they love him. His car, Super Seven, is about the ugliest roadster I've ever seen. How does he pick women up in *that*? He'd better have a sports car that he uses on dates. I compare Seven to Akio's car. They're both ugly, and bad things happen in them (although, it wouldn't be bad if it was with Yoji ^_-)

Hates Men - Which is good, I think. Have you seen the men the world produces these days? They're stupid and all quite ugly. All they ever do is drive around in their speakers on wheels which that pointless beat causing earthquakes in Tokyo, wearing their "i'm so individual because everyone is wearing it" clothes that are of the worst colors and fashions... I really don't blame Yoji-sama for disliking men. I'm not too fond of them either, except for my anime boys, especially Yoji-sama! ^_^ Uh, ignore my rant up there.
Anyway, Yoji-sama hates men and will probably punch any one that he sees harrassing a woman. I think this has always been with him, but it was intensified when his partner, who he was in love with, Asuka was killed.

What's this? You too are overcome will the spirit? Please, you should head into the other room, where I will allow you to join the ranks of Maidens and Priestesses and other self-bestowed titles. Just open the door and follow the instructions on the scroll. Good girl, go with my blessings.

You don't really want to leave, do you? *Sigh*
Open this door to return to our entry way of Velvet Underwear - A Shrine to Yoji Kudou.

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