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Dayon! Mahinaot unta na makatabang ug makalingaw kining lugara kanimo.
Mabuhay! Sana ang mga pahinang ito'y makapagbigay ng tulong at aliw sa iyo.
nuqneH!! DaqlI' 'oH Daqvam'e'. DaqDaj 'oH Daqvam'e'. bIQochchugh qajoy'.

(28 Aug 1998)
BANTAYOG NG MGA BAYANI (Monument of Heroes)
Ninoy Aquino, Marcelo del Pilar and Gabriela Silang
MGA AWIT NG NAKARAAN (Songs of the Past)
Origin of the World, the Manananggal, the Sigben and an artist's drawing of an Aswang

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"Bantayog ng mga Bayani" ("Monument of Heroes") features the biographies of various Philippine National Heroes. And "Mga Awit ng Nakaraan" ("Songs of the Past") features several Philippine myths, legends and folktales as well as supernatural stories.

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