Tendou Akane

Ranma you pervert! --Akane to Ranma while punching, throwing, or hitting with nearest available object.

Akane Tendo is Soun's yougest daughter at age 16. She is a hot-tempered boy-hating kempoist, yet is sought after by nearly all of boys at school. She resents the fact that she has been betrothed against her will, especially to a hentai weirdo like Ranma (who doesn't like being engaged to a violent tomboy any better).

Akane is jealous of the girls that keep trying to steal Ranma away from her (Shampoo, Kodachi, Ukyo, etc.), but hotly denies her interest in Ranma. Ranma denies his attraction to Akane just as vehemently. But despite their constant fighting and denials, Akane and Ranma do grow to love each other, although they probably will never admit it.

Akane is totally inept at traditional feminine pursuits like cooking, sewing, and tea ceremony. She keeps trying and takes pride in her work, then gets upset when someone (usually Ranma) criticizes it. Even at martial arts, she is often clumsy. And she swims like a hammer.

Akane's poisonous cooking is the bane of the dojo, however Akane will never accept defeat. Her attempts to cook often end in a contest to see who will have to try it. Being Akane's fiance, Ranma is usually the unwilling victim.

    Tendo "way of heaven; destiny". Akane from
    `akane-gumo' "scarlet cloud".
    Frequently called `kawaikune' "uncute" by Ranma


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