"KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF SHAMPOO!!!" SLAM -Mousse, in full kick-ass mode

A boy blindly following his love, Shampoo, who detests him. Even with his thick bottle-lens glasses, he mistakes statues, telephone poles, and bystanders for other people.

He shows up in Japan looking for Shampoo, even though he always fails to defeat her in a fight, but Cologne tells him Shampoo is going to marry Ranma. So he challenges this new rival for Shampoo's affections to a man-to-man fight (a troublesome point for Ranma).

When Ranma defeats him, he returns to China and seeks training at Jusenkyou, where he walks into Yaazuniichuan, a spring where a wild duckling drowned 1300 years ago (if there's anywhere in the world a duck could drown, it's there). He returns to Japan with a supply of Yaazuniichuan water to turn Ranma into a duck, too, but (of course) fails.

Moose hates Ranma, and would dearly like to do away with Shampoo's "husband".

Entrance: Nettouhen episode 5. Volume 5 part 7. 
Re-entrance: Nettouhen episode 13. Volume 10 part 4. 

Distinctive features: 
    Thick glasses. Wears a white robe. 
    Seems to use Tohoku dialect 
    (ex. "ora" instead of "ore"). 
    Moose is a hidden weapons expert. He usually throws
    various heavy or entangling objects on the ends of 
    long chains. He sometimes sprouts long blades from 
    his sleeves, or wears shoes with spikes and talons 
    on the ends. As a duck, his eyesight is sharp enough 
    to accurately throw knives which sprout from his wings. 
    anki no Moose "hidden tool Moose"
    as a duck: Muu-Muu 
    Mousse "wash" + "thread"
    Seki Toshihiko