Saotome Ranma (male)

Heir to the Saotome School of "Anything Goes Martial Arts"

"You're soo uncute!" --Ranma to Akane

Saotome Ranma (female)

The Pigtail Girl

"...and I'm better built to boot!" --Ranma to Akane

Our well-built hero/heroine (sort of). The martial art of kempo is his life. Never turns down a challenge (martial arts rhythmic gymnastics, martial arts figure skating, etc, etc... basically if it has "martial arts" in the name, he'll win, eventually). Ranma's only weak spot is that he is deathly afraid of cats do to an attempt by his father to teach him the cat-fist technique.

Training with his father at the mysterious Jusenkyo training ground in China, he was thrown into a spring called Nyanniichuan, where a young girl drowned 1500 years ago (Very tragic story ^_^). He emerged as a young girl, according with the spring's curse. When splashed with hot water, he changes back to a boy, but when splashed with cold to room temperature water, he turns into a girl again.

By an arrangement made by Soun Tendo and Genma Saotome while they were training under Happosai, Ranma is engaged to marry Akane Tendo so they can carry on the Tendo dojo. But neither party wants to go through with this arrangement. But as the series goes on Ranma and Akane grow to love each other, but niether of them will admit it to anyone. 

Distinctive features:
    Pigtail.  Often wears Chinese clothing.
    `osage no onna' "pigtailed girl" to Kuno
    `mukodono' "son-in-law" to Cologne
    `Ran-chan' to Ukyo
    Akane's "cousin" `Ranko' to Nodoka
Disguises (to fool Ryoga):
    Girl in glasses
        Nettohen episode 16.  Volume 8 part 11.
    Ryoga-sama's fianc'ee
        Nettohen episode 24.  Volume 9 part 10.
    Hibiki Yoiko
        Volume 11 part 2.
        Nettohen episode 43.  Volume 12 part 8.
    Volleyball girl
        Nettohen episode 62.  Volume 14 part 9.
    Ryoga's kohai (underclassgirl)
        Nettohen episode 123.  Volume 20 part 2.
    Uses rough, sloppy speech in either form.
    (ex. `kawaikunee' instead of `kawaikunai',
    `omoshiree' instead of `omoishiroi').
    Saotome is a very common name, though it's also an
    old word for "girl".  Ranma means "wild horse".

    In titles and credits, Ranma is written in kanji as
    a male, and in hiragana as a female.


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