Ukyou Kuonji

Ranma's Cute Fiancee

10 years ago, on a training journey in the country with his father, Ranma stole okonomiyaki [a cross between an omelet and a pancake] daily from Ukyo's father's yatai (food cart), easily overcoming `Ucchan's defense. However, it was a friendly rivalry -- Ukyo drew pictures with okonomiyaki sauce on them for Ranma.

Her father told Genma that Ukyo said she wants to be Ranma's wife. Genma said Ranma already has a fiancee. Ukyo's father said that's too bad, he was thinking of giving them the yatai for a dowry. Genma said, "We'll take her!"

In a quandary, Genma let Ranma make the decision-- he asked Ranma which he liked better, okonomiyaki or Ukyo. Never suspecting that Ukyo is a girl, Ranma chose okonomiyaki. So Genma and Ranma ran off with the yatai and left Ukyo behind.

Shamed and ridiculed by her peers, Ukyo decided she wouldn't like boys forever, dressed and lived as one, and devoted herself to okonomiyaki style martial arts.

She shows up as a new student at Furinkan High and challenges Ranma. After a heated battle, Ranma discovers Ukyo's actual gender (and verifies it by pouring hot water on her!). Meanwhile, Ukyo discovers that Ranma does not get along with his "uncute" fiancee. Ranma and Ukyo reconcile, and she becomes enamored of him again.

Though she still dreams of marrying Ranma, Ranma still treats Ucchan only as an old friend. Her plots to win him over are less violent and more psychological that Ranma's other suitors. For example, instead of trying to kill her rival Akane, Ukyo arranges a date between her and Ryoga.

Running her okonomiyaki restaurant "Ucchan" has made her skillful at both domestic tasks and running a business. Although she lives to cook okonomiyaki, she would give it all up to marry Ranma.

Entrance:  Nettohen episode 23.  Volume 9 part 5.
Distinctive features:
    Wears a bandolier of small spatulas and a huge
    spatula on her back.
    Kansai dialect (ex. `da' replaced with `ya',
    `-masen' -> `-mahen', uses `uchi' instead of
    `watashi', says `ooki ni' for "thank you").
    `Okonomiyaki no Ukyo' "Okonomiyaki Ukyo"
    Wields a huge spatula.  Throws small sharpened
    spatulas.  Once, threw exploding bags of powder.
    `Ucchan' to Ranma
    Kuonji "eternal temple" Ukyo "right of Kyoto"