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Thank you for visiting!

We're Sorry, but Robotech Command has been unable to contact the Doombringers' Squad for some time, and they are feared lost. We are leaving this webpage live out of respect for our MIA comrades, but will no longer be updating it.

You might be wondering if the world needs another robotech webpage...We are hoping to create something here that is unique. This page is not just a robotech fan page, but a gaming resource and entertainment page. Contained within this framework will be resources for GM's of palladium games, such as new mecha, new worlds and societies, characters, etc. There will also be fan fiction, submitted by members of the Doombringers' Squad as well as by you, the guest. You won't find hundreds of images from every conceivable robotech source here. Instead, you'll find selected pics that have relevance to the site's content. Also, you won't find hundreds of links. What you will find are a collection of links that have been selected to match this site's theme, as well as a few others that are very deserving. We promise that the links will actually work and be updated or removed when linked sites move or disappear. We know how annoying it is to click on a link on someone's page and end up at the "I'm sorry, we can't find your page" site!

Periodically, new features will be added, as well as the monthly submissions of mecha, worlds, fanfic, characters or whatever else our creative minds produce. Also, you'll be able to find out about US...The Doombringers' Squad, so visit often!

While you're here, sign the guest roster and let us know what you think, will ya?

Fight Well,

The Doombringers' Squad


Here's a little Robotech humor I found a few years ago...hope you like it :)--Wilfi


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