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Last Update: Saturday, April 03, 1999

Welcome to my Chun Li page! I have dedicated this site to Chun Li because she is the best female game fighter known to the world. You may want to know what makes her so great? I'll tell you, for starters just look at her!! Have you ever seen a more perfect body!! Have a good look at her exquisite and delicate features. Secondly, try using her in any of the Street Fighter games, she's fast and powerful. Now tell me what you think of her.

As a part of my dedication to her, I have put together one on the largest picture galleries of her on the net. I'm always looking for new pictures to post up and the galleries keep growing. You can also contribute to my galleries by sending your art to my email. By doing this, my galleries will grow faster and it will no doubtly be the largest Chun Li gallery on the net!!

Even with one of the largest Chun Li galleries on the net, it is still not complete without a good surrounding. If you have any stuggestions or comments about my site, feel free to either email me or sign my guestbook. With new ideas, the site will look better than ever and also to you, the fans liking. If you do sign my guestbook, be nice. ^_^

I'm back!! I just added 3 gallerys, so go check them out. I also put up thumbnails so the pics will load up faster and you can see which ones you want to see fast!! Hey, don't forget to click on my sponser!! By clicking on my sponser, you'll be supporting my site, and I'll be updating more frequently with more support. So thanks for your time reading this, and enjoy. ^_^

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