~GOP pIcZ~

HeRe ArE sUm PiCz FrOm ThE GOP yR of 95-96.

I tHoUgHt ThIz WuZ a NiCe FoRmAl PiC oF aLL oF uS toGeThEr.

AnD nOw FoR oUr NoRmAl PoSe. jk!

SeE hOw ClOsE wE sIsTeRz WeRe? We NeVeR fOuGhT....yEaH, rIgHt! =

We WeRe ReAllY tIgHt WiTh ThE jApAnEsE sIsTeRz 2!

HeRe ArE tHe NeW rEcRuItZ fRoM OuR yR. sNiFF sNiFF! GoSh I mIss ThEm!

ThIs WuZ mY gRaMMaR tEaChEr KiM sUn SeNg NiM. He WuZ mY fAv TeAcHeR!!

DiS bE a PiC oF sUm Of dA bRoZ.

DiS bE sUm MoRe PiCz Of ThE pReP bRoZ oF mY yR. (from clockwise, starting on the left)Pierre, Nam Hi, Tateo, sum guy i doan know, Mira, and Kenshu oppa.

AnD nOw ThE aMaZiNg PrEp BrOz WiLL pErFoRm DeAtH dEfYiNg StUnTz!

DiS bE oOjIn. AiN't He SuCh A cUtIe!?! ^_^

BuFFnEss BeTTy! (sHe Be MaH x-RooMiE fRoM iReLaNd)

HoMe All AbOuT mE MaH pIcZ
ShOuTz TiMe KiLLaZ

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