All AbOuT mE!

~SuPz?~ WeLL tHiS pAgE iZ aLL aBoUt Me! My NaMe Iz NaNcY hYuN kYuNg MaKeTa AnD i Am 15. I'm HaLf KoReAn AnD hAlF wHiTe. (My PiC iZ aT tHe BoTtOm.)My PaReNtZ, fOr ThOsE oF yOu WhO hAvE pArEnTz WhO mIgHt KnOw MiNe, ArE fRaNk AnD dO sOoN mAkEtA. AnD i HaVe 2 YoUnGeR sIsTeRz, JeNnIfEr AnD iSaBel.

I lIvE iN vIeNNa, ViRgInIa, AbOuT 40 mIn OuTsIdE oF DC. It'Z aN oKiE pLaCe To LiVe BuT iT sUrE gEtS cOlD oUtSiDe. =/

RiGhT nOw, I'm GoNnA bE A jUniOr aT gEoRgE c. MaRsHaLL hIgH sKoOl. (YeAh! GCM pRiDe!) BuT aS uSuAl..I'm ThE oNlY BC tHeRe. =( (BuT tHaT'z WhY i MaDe ThIs PaGe NoW, iSn'T iT?)

RiGhT nOw, My MoM iZ mAkInG mE tAkE pIaNo. >= BuT mY rEaL pAsSiOn Iz BaLLeT! HoOn SoOk NiM iZ mY rOlE mOdEl AnD lUcKy Me GoT tO pLaY tHe PaRt oF 10 Yr OlD sHiM cHuNg WhEn UnIvErSaL bAllEt CaMe To DC. =) It WuZ a DrEaM cOmE tRuE..kEkEkE..NoW i CaN sAy ThAt I dAnCeD pRoFeSSiOnAllY aT 14!..WiTh HoOn SoOk NiM!

I aLsO wEnT tO kOrEa In 7tH gRaDe. It WuZ tHe BeSt ExPeRiEnCe Of My LiFe. YoU gEt tO lIvE wItH oThEr BC aNd StUdY kOrEaN. ThE tEaChErZ aRe AwEsOmE! EsPeCiAllY KiM sSn (SuN sEnG nIm) He'Z tHe BeSt! AnD aNyOnE wHo DiSrEsPeCtZ hIm WiLL hAvE tO aNsWeR tO mE! AnYwAyZ, iT'z A gReAt ExPeRiEnCe. If YoU wAnT iNfO oN iT, e-MaIl Me!

My IM nAmE iZ


PiCz ShOuTz TiMe KiLLaZ

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