Hello all. I have been away for a while but I am back and with news!!!!! This site will be going down for a while because I have just completed my new version of the page witch is going to be far superior to this one!!!!!!!
It's a new beggining......
This site is constantly changing so you should bookmark it to stay updated! Right now I am in the process of making many new sections, once I am done this site will be amazing!!!Take a look around, theres lots to see! After you are done looking around sign my guest book where you can give me a little feedback on my page! Thanks for visiting!

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31/07/98---My Fan Art and Webring pages are finnally up but my fan art page won't be much to see unless people send pictures in!!!!!!Also, my Ani-mayhem page is in the process and will be up sometime next week.Also keep in mind my Dragonball gt: Final Bout page is going to be one of a kind, not one will be like the one I am going to be making. It will take a while so hang tight and come back soon!!

28/07/98---I just added a very cool character description page with three characters. There will be more to come. In the next month, I hope to finish my Dragonball gt:Final bout page where you will find all the cool moves and codes for the game!!!!!!Also will be posting a Ani-mayhem:dragonball z card list soon.

23/07/98---Just finished putting up my image gallery although there are only 3 pics but lots more to come BELIEVE ME!
Put up my guest page and counter also, you know, the basic elements. Hopefully about an additional 5 links by saturday.

22/07/98---Just added my links page, there will be more to come when I have time to do so. In the near future I will be putting up an image gallery with some originall pics(not pics you see on every web page) and a fan art page were I would like to see some other people's fan art so send some in.

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