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[ 2003.05.01 ]
Added popular Japanese Idol, Yuuka to Multimedia - Wallpapers page.

[ 2003.05.19 ]
Added a second Info page with more personal info for da ladies.

[ 2003.05.25 ]
Updated Photo page with a special sweet sexy gal, May.

[ 2003.05.26 ]
Added an Update Archives page and moved previous 2 months updates news there for better document flow.

[ 2003.06.08 ]
Added a link to Dani's nicely stylized page of one of my pics.

[ 2003.06.28 ]
Updated Photo page with a pretty net pal of mine, Leah.

[ 2003.07.29 ]
Updated Photo page with Anne and members of the cheerleading squad representing the Québec Taiwanese Business & Cultural Assoc.(QTBCA).

[ 2006.01.05 ]
Removed ICQ Panel and added Spam Control site link and code to target spammers.

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