Time to do something different with this page. I finally decided to start writing a fanfic that I've had in mind for months, so this page will now be devoted to that.

Slayers: Gods' Blood

Original character for this ficThis is my first attempt at writing a multi-part Slayers fanfic. I'm also trying to stick to the format of the actual show, although I'm not sure how successful I've been. Also, since it's supposed to follow the show, don't expect anything about the Slayers world to be permanently changed in this (i.e. primary characters will not die, fall in love, switch sides, change in physical condition, discover long-lost relatives, etc.). It is now finished, but I currently have a rough outline for a sequel in the works. Perhaps if I ever have the will or the time, this story may see a few... additions.

Hallo! Back again! Well, it's been a year almost to the day since the last part of "God's Blood" was posted. However, I threatened to continue it to 26 parts, and by gosh, I'm gonna uphold that threat! With college looming over my head, my story-writing schedule is in question, but I'll do what I can. I already added the MSTs (filler episodes, I guess you could call them) last week, which was sort of a premonition that this story was coming back to life. This premonition has come true!
Without firther ado, I present the second installment of "Slayers: God's Blood"!
Synopsis: Lina's antics have gotten her into another fine mess. And she discovers a rather suspicious girl who is all too unwilling to help her out of it. Plus, another Mazoku has shown up to make everyone's life a little more miserable. And Lina can't seem to get rid of either of them. But these two pesky newcomers could hold a deeper secret; one which could end all life on the planet.
Part 1: Not Again! Another Mazoku Destroys Sairaag
Part 2: All Work and no Pay! Will it Ever End?
Part 3: Trapped in Stone! What's the Real Reason?
Part 4: Backtrack! We Got off on the Wrong Foot
Part 5: Tempers Flare! It's All a Matter of Perspective
Part 6: Insult! 101 Ways to Flambé a Mazoku
Part 7: Questions for Questions! What Good are the Answers?
Part 8: Finally! We've Figured it Out! ...Haven't We?
Part 9: Revelation! The Secret of the Silver Spell
Part 10: To Kill or be Killed! That is the Question!
Part 11: The Ways of the World! They're Not What You Think
Part 12: What Happened? The Spell is Ineffective?
Part 13: Consequences! Preparing for What May Come
Part 14: Resource! Victory is in Sight!

SGB Downtime! When Gods Get Bored! (aka: "Filler Episodes")
Part 15: Of Explosions and Food! Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Part 16: Unexpected! So, We Meet Again! And Again...
Part 17: Setting the World Right! Who's Business is it, Anyway?
Part 18
Part 19
Part 20
Part 21
Part 22
Part 23
Part 24
Part 25
Part 26

Images of Original Characters
SonjiaSuper-DeformedRough, uncolored sketch-
JadarinRough, uncolored sketchQuick sketchThose stupid chopsticks...
OpheriaPreliminary character designColored draft-
ScireiSemi-Super-DeformedGold Dragon formLooking puzzled

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