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-- The fics above belong to their respective authors whom I did not name due to lack of space ^^;; Full credits are in the Disclaimers section. I am merely pointing out some fics I'm reading... I didn't state all bec. they take up a lot of folders in my bookmarks ^^; That doesn't mean I don't enjoy them; quite the contrary ^^v

Hello, everyone ^^ Had too much time on my hands so I figure, why not make a blog instead of using a service from elsewhere? ^^v Besides, since I moved my site from here, I got space that was going to waste... hehehe

After clicking links on the first box on the left, they will be shown on the main window below. ^^ For C&C, please let me know by dropping a line either through e-mail or through the tagboard at the right side of this page. Take care! ^^

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