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Greetings! I hope you enjoy your stay at Sailor Comet's Senshi Emporium. You will find many wondrous things here about the anime called Sailor Moon. What is an anime? It is animation by the Japanese; it can be interesting, funny, cute, adventurous, and/or suspenseful!

There are many beautiful pages here at the Emporium. It is quite possible that you may find all the info you need right here! The soldier profiles tell about each of the brave girl warriors. You may read about their lives, their trials, and their special abilities and interests. You can also learn about the strange Sailor Starlights and little Chibi Chibi who appear later in their high school lives. Their protectors Luna, Artemis, Diana, and Tuxedo Kamen all have their own pages as well, as do the villians.

The image gallery will show you many of the exciting events in their lives. Each soldier has her own page of pics, and their guardians all share one page as well. Some are from the anime, and others are from the manga. You may even download pictures that you like!

Bored today? Visit our page of "Fun Stuff". There are javascript games that are actually worth your time to play; something for every age! There is also a page of links to other good websites; you can choose from many different categories, not necessarily referring to anime or Sailor Moon.

Episodes, Episodes, Episodes? We have those too! Just choose between the English and Japanese versions, and you can see a list of the episode titles. You can also see summaries of every season of Sailor Moon!

Last Site Update:June 27, 2002
Site News
Revamping the site, which will be moved (and possibly restyled) by the end of the summer!! More details later! (27 June 02)

New Sailor Comet Pictures! I'm glad I finally got a chance to put new ones up! Go see!! ^_^ (31 March 02)

Look!! Sailor Moon in the real world!!
Click Here!(currently broken)
Sailor Chibi Moon too!
SM News
Sailor Stars is out! (comics)

Sailor Moon Pocket Mixx #10 is here!

5 Sailor Soldier Guides out!

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