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"It's happening all the time When I open my eyes
I'm still taken by surprise
I hold sunlight and swallow fireflies
And it makes me want to cry

I love you...

I shall never grow up
Make believe is much too fun
Can we go far away to the humming meadow?

We were walking there
And I had tangles in my hair
But you make me feel so pretty
You have shining eyes just like the forest lights
And it makes me want to cry

(I am just wishing you were here
So we could walk down to the stream
And we would throw all our leaves in
Seeing our dragons when we look up)

I love you...

I shall never grow up
Make believe is much too fun
Can we go far away to the humming meadow?

I shall never grow up
Make believe is much too fun
Can we go far away to the humming meadow?

This place is so lovely
The kind that makes me very happy
Let's go far away to the humming meadow..."

"brightly wound" by Eisley

Hey hey......what's up home skillets!?!? Welcome to my site. Ehhh.....I know there's not much in here right now. I'll be updating this place a lot so check back every once and awhile. This site is mostly about me, friends, family, hobbies, and other stupid little things that I am into. There's a little something here for everyone.That's enough from me....I'll letcha go now....feel free to look around.....


-there are new pics in the photo album. go check em out!!
- thinking up new ideas to make the site look better so email me any suggestions....please!!
- Check out the Myspace = ACouSticEyeSore
-Tomorrow is four month for Brenda and I. but she's leaving for Hawaii tomorrow. =\ i'm gonna miss her <3333
- i'm helping promote Stupid Kid Clothing. They're great.....and the guys and girls are fuckin awesome. so check out thier site @
- looking forward to getting a job at caltrans. i sooo hope i get it.

updated on: 07/30/05

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About Kevin!! - "You want to know who I really am!?!? yeah, so do I! yeah, so do I!!"....Some info on me so you can get to know me a little better.

My Journal - You think you know but you don't know....Dead Journal of Acousticeysore/Kevin. like that lil intro huh?? yeah's a little rip off from mtv's what!?! find out what I freagin do almost everyday.....

What's in a Screen Name?!?! - ehhh........I made this page to explain my Sn Darkchyld420 (and other Sns) cause I'm tired of people telling me it sounds evol so read on and get off my freagin case.

My Shout Outs!! - The shout outs to the cool cats and kittens that I call my friends.hey, you might even be in it , if not, then that's too bad.....oops!! I mean tell me and I'll add yah on. =D

The Lyrics - Lyrics of songs I picked out from my favorite bands and artists. Some are even written by yours truelly. Hope you like them!! check em out!!!

The Photo Album - These are where the pics are. pics of me, friends, family, and stupid lil things that we do. it's like....."awww.....the good ol days!!" memories....

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