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updated on 4/15/99


I am back! I have been constantly working on my webpage but now I am back to fix up what I left off. I'm sorry to say, due to space, I have to take off some of the pages........ But this page is still as good as it will ever be! I have added the link onto my fantasy page. It's called Fyr's Realm. Fyr is my RP character in geocities! lol.. okay well enjoy!

Choose where you want to go!!!

This is my anime webring! Please join!

My fantasy webpage, Fyr's realm. It's new! Please take a look! It includes some of my art and stories!

Page In Major Construction

I had to take away Pokemon and Samurai Pizza Cats due to space problems.... i just can't update all these pages! But I am keeping the FY page.. since im crazy about it =)

Careful guys... mostly bishonen but there will be some other things for ya!

If you want to link onto my page use this banner:

If you want to go back to the main page for some ODD reason then click here


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