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Sailor Crystillia ~aka~ Miss Utena - 08/22/00 00:22:59
My Email:fishy_2000@hotmail.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: Sailor Moon

GREAT page Anthy!!! I love the pics and the music ROCKS!!! Keep it up! ^_^ ~Miss Utena ^.~

Dr. Adam Crowley - 05/13/00 14:27:49
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/crowley_hate/
My Email:AdamCrowley_theclique@hotmail.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: Couldn't stand the Sailormoon intro sequence and as such don't know any.

Too many colours for my liking, and the music's not very loud... but different tastes warrant different approaches, it's great! (Could do with a bit of Rob Zombie though...). Crowley.

Matt - 05/09/00 20:40:44
My URL:http://mcsanime.homestead.com/index.html
My Email:mcsspitfire@yahoo.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: venus,neptune,pluto

Great site! It's very well arranged! Keep up the fabulous work! ^_^

Renault - 04/06/00 20:43:57
My Email:renault_ultra@hotmail.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: Mars...Rae...hehehe

I took a quick look, but couldn't afford to linger today. I'll look harder later. Love the place! bye!! Renault.

Lady Amethyst - 01/12/00 16:50:23
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/tv/ladyamethyst
My Email:lady_amethyst78@hotmail.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: sailor jupiter!!!

sailor starmoon, I love your site, the pics are awesome, if you ever need anything let me know!

QuiGonChad - 01/05/00 19:07:26
My Email:jbhowell@uswest.net
Favorite Sailor Scout: Sailor Venus

Hey i Love your site! Kool Music too! Keep up the Good work!

_Lita_13 - 12/28/99 16:54:48
My URL:http://expage.com/page/sailorjupiterhideway
My Email:_Lita_13@sailorjupiter.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: Sailor J

hey, cool site. howd you get the music and slide shows? i've got a site under construction too. check out my pic. you are welcome to copy them for your site. ~Lita~

cocojen - 02/05/99 14:05:27
My Email:cocojen2@aol.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: all of them


Shalimar - 11/21/98 12:29:09
My URL:http://smcd.cjb.net
My Email:shalimar@idirect.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: All of em!

nice page :) Keep up the good work! And if u get a banner for linking contact me and i'll add it to my links page. Shal

knight42 - 10/07/98 00:07:44
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/tokyo/harbor/3175
My Email:knight42@cyberdude.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: Sailor V

Sorry theres is no html at the end of my adress.Sorry.

Knight 42 - 10/05/98 20:18:59
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/tokyo/harbor/3175.html
My Email:knight42@cyberdude.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: Sailor V

The best page I'v seen yet!!!!

Lady Celeste - 09/14/98 03:24:43
My Email:ladyceleste@usa.net
Favorite Sailor Scout: Saturn and Pluto

Pretty cool. I LOVE those manga pics! I just dropped in from SMU! ^_~

princess jesskimo - 09/13/98 17:03:10
Favorite Sailor Scout: pluto

wow.....your webpage sure does suck.. I'm just kidding. I think its really cool. I like it so far. Its cool. Keep up the good work. you can go to my page if you want...it doesn't have anything on it though! :p www.gurlpages.com/other/princessjesskimo

Arterius Piratesenshi Hyotora - 09/13/98 11:36:54
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/SoHo/Coffeehouse/2783/
My Email:arterius@mailcity.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: Tuxedo Kamen

It looks ok. But you need improvement with the loading thing. Don't use an animated gif, no matter how prety, at the top of your page as it slows the loading tremendously. Also, try puttingl inks to your pics instead of putting all in one spot. Pardon my spelling! Ful of typos. ^_~

Samuel AKA AkiraCrash - 09/09/98 17:06:39
My URL:none yet... *whimper*
My Email:Erim@home.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: mercury, star healer

nice... VERY NICE!!!! I'm impressed! :) keep it up! :)

Saturnyne - 09/04/98 16:24:12
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/Tokyo/Flats/4408/
My Email:saturnyne@oocities.com
Favorite Sailor Scout: Sailor Venus

Hi there, Starmoon! It's just me, Saturnyne signing your guestbook! You're in my weblinks on my site, so hopefully you'll get tons more traffic to your page (I don't get much, but anyway!)! Take care of yourself!
--Your friend, Saturnyne

me - 08/21/98 07:42:54

Hey SSM.. this Places.. Kicks.. #&$(@&%^(

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