Shishio Makoto - Kuni-Tori

(And my pathetic little web page)

I am Shishio Makoto, former Hitokiri Bathowsai and enemy of the Meiji Resoration. When my usefulness to the government ended, I was shot, then burned, but I didn't die. Now, with my strongest warriors, the Juppon-Gatana ("Ten swords"), the weak, ineffective rulers shall be replaced with a strong government!
The crusade against the government began on 09/07/98 15:29:31, and this page shall remain under heavy construction for a good while longer. Such an obstacle is unavoidable.
Go to the 'War Room' for Rurouni Kenshin info. 'Anime stuff' and 'RPG stuff' should be self-explanatory. 'Muck logs' brings you to my page of roleplaying logs. All else is covered under 'Other topics'. Sign the guestbook, and become a Juppon-Gatana; or simply view the guestbook, see who is worthy.

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