KaMmUsTuPpErZ & Sa-Bai-DeE! WeLcUm tO tHa AlMiGhTeE
SaOLaO FLiPnAtiZe SiCc aSs PaYgE!!!
(wAo! LeWk aT DeM gO! & OhMiGoSh! LeW @ dA LiL MiDgEt sHoOo kYoOoTe!)
WeLpZ, ThiS iS mY hOmEpAyGe, sO dOn't eXpEcT tOo mUcH
pHrUm iT!...YeAh, NeWaiZe...My nAmE iz CriStiNa & ThiS PaYgE iZ
dEdiCaTeD tO tHa KrEw tHaT KaN OnLeE Be DeFiNeD aS UNIQUE:
Ya HeArD NeRd!?...keke...(jfk!)

RePrEsEnTiN' ThAt FLiP/LaO PrYdE!
PuTTiN' iT DoWn -4- ThA WhOLe YaY ArEa
(ThA BaY ArEa iF Ya'LL DiDn't KnOw!!!)
Oo~650,707,619,808,415,510 (ya get tha point)
& oFcOuRsE My HoMeToWn:
*KaLi4NiAo* FRESNO559 yOoH KnOw!!!!
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*AsiAn PrYdE 'tiL i DiE*No ReAsOn To LiE*
So StEp aSiDe*ReCoGniZe, BaYbEe, yOoH gOtTa KiCk
iT oN Da AsiAn SiDe!!! AziAnZ MaKe ThA WoRlD gO
AsiAn PrYdE 'TiL i DiE* SpReAd iT ArOuNd

CriStiNa'S 411
YoU'z a TrUe PiNoY/PiNaY...
InTrO. -2- ChiNeSe...
TaKe a PiKcHaH hErE!!!=)
ShOuT OuTz
GurLiE PriDe

My BaNNeRz
SiGn G-BoOkiE
ViEw G-BoOkiE
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