Here are a few sounds! I have some from Ranma, Eva, OMG, Magic Knight Ray Earth, and Slayers! I'm still working on my page but I'll have more sounds soon!

Ranma 1/2

"Ranma Ballad (midi)"

"Don't Make me a shrew(midi)"

"Kasumi saying byb bye (wave)"


"ranmaakane_ballad (midi)"

"Ryoga's theme (midi)"

"Soun getting mad at Genma(Wave)"



"Evangelion opening theme"



"misato's theme (midi)"

"The theme to Death and Rebirth(midi)"

Dragon Ball Z

"Dragon Ball opening Theme"

Oh! My Goddess

"Skuld's theme"

"some theme"

"sad theme"


Street Fighter

"ryu's theme"

Magic Knights Ray Earth

"some song"




Magic Knights Ray Earth

"some song"