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CliK oN tHe PiC tO EntEr

What dreams may come while we lay deep asleep,
Is that all they are - dreams with no reality?
In dreams we escape in our sleep,
But what is to come when the dream ends suddenly?

Do dreams come true?
Or is that a fairytale too..

You are my dream, my one and only dream,
But dreams are only dreams, no matter how real they seem
In my dreams i hold you near
When i awake you're no longer here

Where can I touch your heart?
Only in a dream..
Where will we never be apart?
Only in my dreams..

Can i find your love in reality?
Or is it only in my dreams..
Reliving every precious memory,
Only in my dreams, only in my dreams..

So let me sleep forever,
Never wake me from my dream.
Only then can we be together..
In my memory, in my dream