Hi I'm Lisha!

WELCOME TO MY PAGE!!! I last updated my page on May 16,1999.
Hiya!! I haven't really done much
except find a few broken links
and I'm taking the stars down
They make loading time too long
and its bad enough as is :/
I'm trying to move to xoom right now
but I can't figure out how to move my page o.O
been using geocities too long ~.~*
oh well until next time


Old News

For some reason some of the
RealVideo files stream instead of downloading so
I'm going to put stream as the link on those.
Ok! thats all for today!!If you have
any questions or one of the files
won't work please e-mail me!!!And if you have the
time please,please,please sign my guestbook
like to know your opinion.
Even if it's not flattering.
Thank you!!


People have come to my page!!

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RealAudio Files

Song Name Link File Size
Carryon Carryon 738KB
Moonlight Densetsu Densetsu 1.34MB
Galaxy Galaxy 1.07MB
Just Love Me Love 144KB
North American Theme NA Theme 1.07MB
Route Venus Route 1.07MB
Otomeno Policy Otomeno 1.07MB
Sailor War War 1.07MB
Flame Sniper Sniper 610KB
Snow Snow 262KB
Fly To The Moon Fly Moon 401KB
La Moon La Moon 482KB
Rashiku Ikimashou Rashiku 411KB
Sailor Star Song Star Song 445KB
Forget Forget 462KB
Love Be All Love 466KB
Ai no Megami
Megami 641KB
Search For Your Love
Search 586KB
Ai No Senshi
Senshi 442KB
Amazone 324KB
We Believe You
Believe 608KB
SM Transform Music
Transform 466KB
Heart Moving
Heart 466KB
Itte 466KB

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