Welcome to Enhasa the City of Dreams In the Zeal Kingdom 12000BC. We the "Enlighted Ones" will show you around. Please don't mind the "EarthBound Ones" they have there usefulness (hehheh). Well there the City of Kajar, Zeal Palace, The Gurus and more please feel free to sleep anytime, you are allowed to sleep your life away

Let me introduce you to Schala the Queens daughter and her brother... Janus and his stupid cat Alfador, what tempest rages though that boy's head. GO AWAY!! only Alfador likes me.His only friends are his sister and that Stupid cat. If you ask me that boy has no magic. Oh!! And here is her Royal Highness the Great Queen Zeal Get Out of the Way you Stupid NU , That is a Nu, they sleep and are good for nothing..oh here that Prophethe's a very troubled person, one day he's going to hurt someone, he's kind of scary, but all of his prophecys have come true so, I don't know there something about him, kind of reminds me of Janus...Oh well.. What about me!? What about you? I'm the Queen's Main Guy YOU'RE SLEEPING WITH THE QUEEN??????? Noo no I'm her Guard. Oh ya I've heard of you.... this is Dalton the Queen's Moron..

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