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Sailor Moon's Krystal Kingdom

Plz do NOT take this picture!

Welcome pplz!!! This is my kingdom *Well, not quite. U haven't exactly gone into my kingdom. This is a B4 hand message and u are currently at the front gate being told the conditions and rules of being in the kingdom by a royal guard* My kingdom is totally dedicated 2 Sailor Moon. Hope I can share wot I noe abt Sailor Moon with u. *I'm also thinking abt creating another page abt Forever Friends Bears and Keroppi, but I'm not sure whether I have the time 2 deal with 2 pages*

The Royal Counter says u're the person 2 come through these gates.

Hope u enjoy this page! And plz remember 2 sign the guestbook and rank my page. Much appreciated! The only "rule" while u are in my kingdom is that u can only save the images from the Pretty Portrait Gallery and nowhere else within this kingdom. Especially do not save the pictures that have my signature on them.

U noe, I really do enjoy designing my own homepage. It's pretty kewl fun once u get the hang of it, but there's still much more 2 learn! I suggest u guys should design ur own homepage! Geocities is the best! So, why not join up and start a page?!

Got any questions? U can simply e-mail me and ask me wotever. Plz do not send me any hentai 'coz I really dun have the time for that kinda thing.

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