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Hi! My name is Tora-chan and welcome to my home. I know it doesn't look like much now ... but wait until construction is finished! If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me.


Furaipan ::looks around confused:: Hey ... where am I?

Tora-chan Oh! Glad you could make it Pan-sama! Everybody ... this is my good friend, Furaipan.
( jokes about his name. He's kinda touchy on that subject. But, would you feel if people called you "Frying Pan" all the time)

Furaipan Tora-chan! What's the big idea of teleporting me here when I was right in the middle of a giant banana split!

Tora-chan ::teardrop thingie:: Heh..heh..Oh, that. Well ... I just wanted you to come see my new home .... You see ... I was kinda lonesome and I thought ...

Furaipan Is there food?

Tora-chan ::teardrop thingie:: In the kitchen I think ...

Furaipan WHOHOO! ::runs to the kitchen:: Later!

Well ... that was ... interesting. Anyway, scattered throughout this site will be several hidden pictures of Furaipan stuffing his face. The first person to find all of them and to e-mail how many they found to me will get a special prize.(*Coming Soon*)

*Knock* *Knock*

Tora-chan ::opens door::Hello?

Manzoku Konnechiwa, beautiful lady!::mischevious grin::

Tora-chan ::teardrop thingie:: Oh no...

Manzoku ::latches onto Tora-chan with an iron grip:: Hey babe!

Tora-chan Umm...yeah..::punches him in the face:: This is Manzoku...the neighborhood hentai...

Manzoku I am NOT a hentai..I'm a Casanova...So, how about a date?

Tora-chan::thinks to self::(Like rooting through my underwear drawer is NOT being a hentai??) Sorry..I have to go jump off Mount Fuji tonight...try again some other time..

Manzoku::looks sadly at the ground::Darn........
Hey! Wait a minute!

Tora-chan::Pushes him out the door as he tries to glomp her one last time:: Goodbye now! *Slam*

Manzoku::muffled voice::Tora-chan! know you want me! Open up! Please?

Tora-chan Do you think i'm crazy? Wait...don't answer that. Sorry Manzo-chan. Try again later ::whispers:: Like when I'm old, gray, and dying!

Manzoku Fine then....but I'll be back! Mark my words...I'll make you love me yet, Tora!::tries to do a flashy exit by swirling a non-existant cape but instead gets caught up in the plants outside the dojo and trips::


Tora-chan*Sigh* Does he ever learn?

Well..I hope you enjoy the dojo ... just watch out for falling hammers and the like. Oh, and be careful if you find Manzo-kun again! The baka never leaves anything alone....especially my underwear drawer. ::teardrop thing:: Ja Ne for now...I'll see you later! To pick a room, just click on one of the pictures below. Have fun and keep an eye out for Furaipan!

Akane's Training Hall. Lina's Kitchen. Belldandy's Garden. Serena's Roof

Tora's Room. Public Baths

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