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       This web-page was constructed in the summer of 1998 based on and containing the senior thesis I wrote spring of the same year. It's been little updated since its creation, but I hope it provides a useful (if static) resource. Please forgive its shortcomings.
       All written materials within are Copyrighted. Students and researchers, please feel free to use this site for your academic purposes. Please just email me an FYI, name-drop me in your citations, and, if possible, send along a copy of the paper or report once it's done. (This contradicts what is stipulated on the pages inside, but I can't be bothered to change each and every one of them.) If for publication or commercial use, however, please contact me in advance to request permission.
       I now work as a journalist in Shanghai,and maintain a more current website with my clippings and Shanghai information at www.movius.us. I also manage the webpage for the Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club.
       Thanks for visiting! If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas, or are planning on coming to Shanghai anytime soon, please drop a note either via email or the guestbook.
                              9 May 2000

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