Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my website. Just to let you know I am no different from anyone else. I believed everyone has a special story to tell about their life experiences; therefore, I will not bored you with my. But I do want to share my thanks to couple of people that I care about, first is, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He manages to always find a way for me to get through hard times, even though when there seems to be no way. And even though at times I forgot to thank God for His love, grace, and mercy. He had never leave my side. In addition, Thanking God for blessed me with my family, I am so blessed that my family and relatives all lived in the same city, and when it comes to family support they are always there to encourage you each step of the way. Finally I thank God for friends. I believe having close friends are important, because friendship built self-confidence within my self. And itís nice to know what people think of you aside from your family members. Well I hope youíll enjoy my website! May God bless you in every way!

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I love spending time with my family and close friends. "You know who you are!" I like to play all sorts sport, basically doing any things that I will remember as one of my best times in life.

There is no much to say, but to just say I love them with all my heart. And thank them for what they believe in.

Friends are good for human soul, always have close friend that allow you to be your self.

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