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"I searched the world high and low but to no avail...she had vanished. There was no trace of her except a two year old web page and that left no clues for me at all. What could have happened to her...Was she abducted by aliens?  Taken hostage by some deranged maniac and forced to watch endless episodes of 'Full House' or the 'Facts of Life'? Somehow I didn't think that would scare her. But then one day it happened my first clue as to her where abouts an obscure message saying only two words..."GONE FISHING" I knew this chick though and fishing was one thing she wouldn't do, but it was a clue my first real clue for ages and I had to act on it, so act is what I did. I walked down by the river keeping my eyes focused on the terrain and the surrounding area at the same time I was trying toignoring the feeling of unease that danced in my mind. That's when I heard it the whistle, it was just three short notes but I could tell it was meant to call something. I charged forward not caring about the obsticles in my path, until finally I saw the source of the whistle. It was her, I was almost sure about it, sure her hair was different and she was playing with a dog which I was pretty sure she didn't have the last time I saw her but it was her, I could tell just by looking at her name tag. She looked up at me as I approched a slight frown on her face, she knew why I was there and she wasn't happy about it...

''It's time for me to return isn't it?'

I nodded slightly and helped her off the ground. I had done my job and found her, what happened next was up to her and her alone...."

HI!!! *WAVES* Um....what can I say, things happened. Woah better stop with that train of thought otherwise I might end up telling you the whole plot of "Never Been Kissed" Two years...I really didn't realize that it had been that long since I update, it's a shocker to say the least and just like me to say the most. Anyhoo a lot has happened over those two years, yup a lot has what you say, um well for starters I was um I was oh I know I was abducted by aliens and taken to the planet Melmac, honest I was. Oh, and I also finsihed some fics yup that I did do I finished some fics...well sort of but that will be explained with in the fics, which means I'm not goning to explain myself anymore. However I guess I should be nice and tell you just what fics I finished shouldn't I?

And the fics are.....drum roll please *hits hands on desk* LETTERS FROM AND LETTERS TO NABIKI! Yup that's right I finally finished it. WOO HOO! oh plus I have a new Kasumi fic, the first chapter to one anyway it's called Trip Away and well like I said it features Kasumi , sorry I would tell you more about them but well I'm not very good with the whole describing the fic thing, in otherwords if you want to know what the fic's about read it. Well that's about it for this update, hopefully the next update won't take as long and be slightly bigger.

Letters from/to Nabiki - The page that now holds the whole Letters from and to series.
Silence - A dark fic featuring Ryoga.        
Trip Away - A new fic featuring Kasumi.
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