psycho BITCH©

*Welcome to this exquisit collection of absolute junk


November 2, 2000 New Issue

Have a look at the brand new way of killing Happy this November in this November 2000 issue, Click on the "Current Issue" link above and then We load, you wait

Enjoy.....D and sorry for such a long delay in issues.

September 9, 2000 New Look

Well, I changed the way the front page of psycho BITCH lookes. HOWEVER, Mr. Artist here did not exactly like the new look. So Mr. Artist is now in the process of making YET ANOTHER look. For the time being, you guys are stuck with this look


psycho BITCH Wallpaper

psycho BITCH now has its own wallpaper, first step towards heavy merchandising of psycho BITCH. Ah, you thought this was just another site?........NOT. Click here to download

Who are the psycho BITCHES

Hmmm... I couldn't be bothered to put this information in for the time being. Will do it later....D

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